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CemWeek Issue 15

The CW Group is pleased to announce the release of the latest issue of CemWeek Magazine – the leading source of market intelligence and in-depth analysis for the global cement industry.This issue features a detailed look into the role that carbon capture & storage technology plays in cement industry’s efforts to cut down CO2 emissions, and examines the alternatives available in order to achieve this goal, including from a financial perspective.

 India’s ACC aims to achieve increased efficiency and productivity as well as save freight costs by implementing a new logistics management system. This issue’s Leaders Q&A section features an interview with ACC’s Logistics Manager, Mr. Deepak Gulati, who provided us with a sneak-peak at true ”logistics SPEED” by introducing us to the company’s RFID-based vehicle tracking system.

Inside our Country Snapshot, we invite you to take a closer look at Mozambique’s booming resources potential, explored in detail in an analysis put together as “Mozambique - The Rough Diamond of South Eastern Africa”.

For information about the latest evolutions of cement prices or for up-to-the-minute coal, petcoke, or natural gas market updates, please don’t forget to check our CW Research and Analytics section.

We welcome you to read the free e-magazine online (click on the magazine below). If you rather receive a physical print copy of the CemWeek Magazine Print Edition, contact us to order a subscription at [email protected].

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