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CemWeek Magazine #50: June 2019

 In this issue of CemWeek Magazine:

- Interview with Song Zhiping: a thorough conversation on the sustainability of the global cement industry

- Seaborne trade of cementitious materials through 2024: trends for the next five years, including shifting trade flows and cement no longer taking center stage

- Cement bagging equipment: a market to be shaped by capacity additions and shifting transportation preferences

- Country Snapshot: Iraq Cement Market.

Leaders Q&A: Song Zhiping

In an environmentally focused interview, Song Zhiping, President of World Cement Association, addresses the global cement industry’s role in tackling global climate issues, details what has been accomplished so far, and explores possible new business opportunities and revenue streams that a low-carbon economy can bring

CW Research: Seaborne trade of cementitious materials rising to 180 million tons by 2024

Sea-going vessels handled a larger volume of cementitious materials in 2018, in part boosted by an increase in China’s cement imports. CW Research expects volumes to continue rising in the next five years, albeit with a shift in trade flows and with cement no longer taking center stage

CW Research: Cement bagging equipment sales to decline through 2024

CW Research assesses how factors such as a contraction in new cement capacity additions, and shifting cement transportation preferences are causing the world cement bagging equipment market value to shrink over the next five years 

Country Snapshot: Reconstruction programs to boost Iraq’s cement demand to over 30mn tons by 2024

CW Research analyzes the recovering Iraqi cement market and assesses how reconstruction and rehabilitation infrastructure projects are tied to the country’s oil-driven economy




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