CemWeek Magazine

CemWeek Issue 16

CW Group announces the release of a new issue of CemWeek Magazine – the executive oriented, industry standard source of knowledge and features for the global cement industry. In the opening feature, we take a step back (or a leap forward?) to the future and examine what our consulting colleagues on the CW Advisory side consider as a possible future avenue for the cement company of tomorrow.


We then return to the present with a feature rooted in the current situation of Afghanistan, as CW analysts paint a detailed image of the local cement industry, integrating it into the country’s wider economical and political context.

 The third feature of CemWeek Magazine takes us to an exciting region in the cement trading space: Saudi Arabia, where cement industry runs full throttle and where we take a look into the whys of the cement import rush decreed by King Abdullah and enforced by the local government. And last, but not least, for information about the latest evolutions of cement prices or for up-to-the-minute coal, petcoke, or natural gas market updates, CemWeek’s Magazine Research and Analytics section packs a handful of data-rich material ready to be crunched into a precise, global image of the industry.

We welcome you to read the free e-magazine online (click on the magazine below). If you rather receive a physical print copy of the CemWeek Magazine Print Edition, contact us to order a subscription at [email protected].



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