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CemWeek Issue 22

In issue 22 of CemWeek Magazine we share CW Research’s Global Cement Volume Forecast Report for the second half of the year. The report shows that cement markets which underperformed in the past are recovering, whilst markets which were defined by continuous growth will be tempered.

 Moreover, this edition brings 2 recent announcements in the Colombia cement market. Argos and Cemex released news they are expanding their operations in the country, betting on a healthy growth of the market in the upcoming years. Another important feature of this issue of CemWeek Magazine introduces highlights on vertical integration, a widely spread strategic approach used worldwide by cement companies to add value to their companies.

CW Research also presents an in-depth analysis of the cement market, as well as the energy market, in the Research & Analytics section. The magazine also gives a full view on the most important activities around the world, covering Asia, Americas and Europe, Middle East and Africa.

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5    Highlights from the GCVFR 2H2014
11   Expansions in plan for Colombian cement market
17   Vertical Integration – A risk worth taking?

3 Numbers in Brief: Mexico’s cement production posts slight growth

23   Cement Volumes
26   Cement energy markets


31   People in the move

32   Europe, Middle East and Africa
35 Central and South-east Asia
36 Asia Pacific
38 Americas

39 Construction and building materials update

42 Equipment and notable projects

43 CW Group’s upcoming events

44 Top 15 CemWeek and BMWeek stories

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