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CemWeek Issue 23

In this issue of CemWeek magazine we are proud to present the highlights of the Global Cement Trade Price report recently released by CW Research. This edition of the report covers the first quarter of 2015 and shows Europe still relying on exports in order to rid of surplus. ON the other hand, the Asian cement producers continue to increase their production to meet the demand.

 This edition of the magazine has two more interesting cover stories. One of them focus on African cement producers and facilities. At the end of 2013, there were 204 cement manufacturing facilities and 235 production lines in Africa, and their total annual capacity reached 249.6 million tons for an estimated increase of 42 million tons (20 percent) since 2011.

The last of the features highlights the contributions of CW Group Advisory team with the Investment Corporation of Dubai. The company has made its first foray in the African market by buying a minority share in the Nigerian Dangote Cement.

In addition, do not miss the in-depth analysis of the cement and energy market presented by CW Research in the Research & Analytics section, as well as the most important activities around the world, covering Asia, Americas and Europe, Middle East and Africa.

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Worldwide cement trade markets remain active
11  CW Advisory supports investment Corporation of Dubai on US$300mm investment in Dangote Cement
15  Africa cement facilities

21 Cement Volumes
24 Cement energy markets

40  From our industry partner
Construction materials update

Taking a quantitative look at the world
3    Numbers in Brief:
Global cement trade: Spring shoots remain buried under snow
42  Equipment and notable projects
43 CW Group meeting agenda
Group’s upcoming events
44  BUZZ
Top 15 CemWeek and BM Week stories

29  People on the move 

30  Europe, Middle East & Africa
33  Central & South-East Asia
34  Asia Pacific
37  Americas

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