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CemWeek Issue 24-25

CW Group is pleased to announce the availability of the new CemWeek Magazine, a double size edition that features a comprehensive variety of news stories and analyses about the global cement market, at a time when the industry is showing clear signs of improvement. Some of the most important topics covered are big news such as CRH winning the auction for the majority of the Lafarge-Holcim assets expected to be divested, the Cement Business & Industry Brazil 2015 event


and a Colombian market snapshot. Also an important source of relevant insights is the 2015 update on the Global White Cement Market, included in this issue of CemWeek Magazine.

 As a proud and committed supporter of the Cement Business & Industry conference held in Sao Paolo in February, CemWeek Magazine covers the most important ideas exchanged during the two day meeting. Participants analyzed the market and presented regional expertise to a highly international audience.

This double-size edition of CemWeek Magazine also presents the 2015 update of the Global White Cement Market & Trade Report, issued by CW Research.

We welcome you to read the free e-magazine online (click on the magazine below). If you rather receive a physical print copy of the CemWeek Magazine Print Edition, contact us to order a subscription at [email protected].



A huge success for CBI Brazil & Lat Am 2015
The 8th Cement Business & Industry conference and exhibition proved to be a fitted and needed platform

11 Worldwide white cement consumption expected to accelerate 2014-2020

17 CRH acquires Lafarge-Holcim assets and walks towards becoming third largest cement manufacturer
Creating a powerful company that will control 20 percent of the global market outside China

13 Colombia: Long darling market is becoming more complex

25 CLAUDIUS PETERS: a leader in innovation in clinker cooler manufacturing

3 Moderate growth in sight for the global cement industry

31 Cement Volumes
35 Cement Energy Markets

41 People on the move

42 Europe, Middle East and Africa
45 Central and Southeast Asia
46 Americas
49 Asia Pacific

51 Construction and building materials update

54 Equipment and notable projects

55 CW Group’s upcoming events

56 Top 15 CemWeek and BMWeek stories

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