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CemWeek Issue 28

CW Group is pleased to announce the publication of a new issue of CemWeek Magazine. The 28th issue provides in depth features about the local impact of the global Lafarge-Holcim merger upon the Indian market, as well as about a new state of the art cement plant commissioned in the Gobi desert, which is likely to change the trade balance in the area.

Here are some of the topics covered in the latest edition of the magazine.

  • The global merger of Lafarge and Holcim had a double impact in India. Both the structure of the local market and the merged companies suffered changes as a result: while the new group becomes a very strong number two in India’s cement business, Lafarge also had to give up some of the most profitable production units in the country, in order to comply with the demands of the competition regulators. Read the story to find out about the new cement market segment in which LafargeHolcim may become market leader.
  • Mongolian producer Monpolymet Group has opened a new production capacity in the Gobi desert, in the southeastern part of the country. A technological feat in itself, the new plant is built to withstand the harshness of the Mongolian desert, while playing a key role for the industry, as the country’s cement demand is rising. The story details the impact that the new plant will have on the country’s import-export balance, and on the local economy.
  • Another topic of the new CWM issue is a series of case studies about the main projects conducted by equipment producer Bedeschi, which is currently increasing its activities in the Middle East and North Africa. Don’t miss out on the story that details some of Bedeschi’s most important achievements, spanning from Turkey to Tunisia and Morocco.

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7  Mongolia is moving closer to cement self-sufficiency

Opening of Moncement plant in the Gobi desert boosts imports-dependent Mongolian industry

9  LafargeHolcim

LafargeHolcim merger creates the second largest cement player in India

15  Material Handling: Top stories in the Middle East

Bedeschi Group increases activities in the Middle East with new contracts


3  Global trade and domestic cement prices overview


21 Cement Volumes

Cement Energy Markets


29 People on the move


30 Europe, Middle East and Africa

33 South-East Asia

35 Asia Pacific

37  America



39 Construction and building materials update


41 Equipment and notable projects


43 CW Group’s upcoming events


44 Top 15 CemWeek and BMWeek stories

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