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CemWeek Issue 29

CW Group is pleased to announce the publication of a new issue of CemWeek Magazine. The 29th issue provides in depth features about this year’s developments on the global cement and slag markets, as well as about the future of cement plants, from the technological approach to the business aspects. Here are some of the topics covered in the latest edition of the magazine.

  • The new issue of CemWeek Magazine features a detailed analysis of how the global cement and slag industry has been impacted by China’s contraction in cement volumes and by the decline in economic growth in several major emerging markets. Read the story to find out how developed economies are taking over as global drivers of growth, at leas for the following months.
  • Have you wondered, how cement plants will run in the future? Don’t miss out  the feature in this edition of CemWeek Magazine, to understand the latest trends in cement making,  from technical solutions to human resources and investment schemes.
  • The latest issue of CemWeek also features a highly insightful Q&A with none other than Anil Swarup, Coal Secretary, Ministry of Coal, Government of India. He talks about how transparent coal auction was a game changer for India’s coal sector.

You can subscribe to CemWeek Magazine print-edition in two ways, by contacting us at [email protected] or ordering individual copies by clicking here. Subscribing has the benefiting of accessing all the content in the magazine, particularly the data sections of each issue only available to subscribers.

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