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Global, executive-oriented cement industry coverage. Drawing on our roots in research and analysis as well as practical business experiences, the bimonthly, management-oriented CemWeek Magazine publication fills an analytical and information void in the global cement industry. Each issue will include activity summaries and projections from the CW Group Research team for all regions of the world, plus in-depth articles on topics and trends of particular interest. We hope you will find the new information source helpful in forming your business decisions. If you prefer to subscribe to the Print Edition, contact us at [email protected] You can also order copies of individual issues, clicking here, or contacting us.

In the April/ May issue of CemWeek Magazine, we introduce the new “CW Research and Analytics” section, which aims to provide our readers with an in-depth analysis of the most relevant developments in the cement industry. Additionally, the current issue features an outlook on China’s coal consumption appetite and its growth projection, complemented by a view on the M&A activity in Africa.

This issue of the globally-focused CemWeek Magazine takes a look at cement markets around the world, with the spotlight specifically on the cement sectors in Spain and Egypt. Environmental policies challenging key markets around the world are highlighted. The CW Group's global volume forecast for the first half of 2013 and an interview with Ayman Ismail, the head of Asec Trading is also included.

The CW Group announces the release of Issue 12 of CemWeek Magazine. This issue’s feature article, “Value Engineering as a Strategic Mode,” proposes a CW Group’s strategic Energy Model framework that addresses the broad topic of energy for cement companies. “Logistical Challenges of South America” offers an overview of transportation challenges encountered in this particular region by cement manufacturers.

Issue 11 of the CemWeek Magazine highlights the results from the CW Group’s second annual Americas' Sentiments Survey. We examine the Spanish and Algerian cement markets and take a closer look at the UK’s energy prices given.
In the Leaders' Comment section, an interview with Ed Verhamme of Alternate Resource Partners is also featured.

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