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Global, executive-oriented cement industry coverage. Drawing on our roots in research and analysis as well as practical business experiences, the bimonthly, management-oriented CemWeek Magazine publication fills an analytical and information void in the global cement industry. Each issue will include activity summaries and projections from the CW Group Research team for all regions of the world, plus in-depth articles on topics and trends of particular interest. We hope you will find the new information source helpful in forming your business decisions. If you prefer to subscribe to the Print Edition, contact us at [email protected] You can also order copies of individual issues, clicking here, or contacting us.

The 46th issue of CemWeek Magazine features an exclusive interview with Ahmad Al-Rousan, Secretary General of the Arab Union for Cement and Building Materials, who assesses how oil prices, terrorism and the global economic crisis are impacting construction projects in the region. CemWeek also looks back on major global cement companies' financial performance in 1H 2018 and devises an outlook for the rest of the year. CW Research analyzes the global cement consumption landscape and explains how the upcoming election cycles and emerging economies will shape the future of cement demand over the medium term. Additionally, CW Research offers a glimpse into the small and consolidated Omani cement market.

The 45th issue of CemWeek Magazine features an exclusive interview with Phil Hodgson, Managing Director at Calix, about carbon capture and storage (CCS) and how it can help the cement sector step up its ecologic game. CW Research looks into the market of white cement, a premium building material traditionally favored by developed markets, but that is rising among emerging economies. CemWeek also draws a timeline of the latest developments in the US-China trade dispute and ponders on how a possible trade war could affect the global cement industry. Additionally, CW Research offers a glimpse into the compact and saturated Dominican cement market.

The 44th issue of CemWeek Magazine features an exclusive interview with Koen Coppenholle, Chief Executive of CEMBUREAU, the European Cement Association. CW Research presents its thorough analysis of the current world seaborne cementitious trade market, as well as a forecast that includes trade trends for the upcoming five years. Additional focus is given to the global lime market, including a forecast of consumption trends through 2023. Looking back on the first quarter of the year, CW Research tracks pricing movements for gray cement in major cement trading markets. Additionally, CemWeek focuses on the cement market in Colombia and elaborates on the country's plan to upgrade transportation and boost the cement sector.

In the 43rd issue of CemWeek Magazine, we interviewed Ismail Bulut, CEO of the Turkish Cement Manufacturers' Association, who tackles issues such as the main challenges currently faced by the Turkish cement industry. CW Research presents its forecast for cement volumes in the first half of 2018 and also its directional perspective on long-term cement demand. We also look back on 2017 and analyze major cement companies' sales and volumes throughout the year. Additionally, we focus on the cement market in the Maldives and explain how the import-driven cement sector will fare in the upcoming years.

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