India Cement & Construction Materials journal

India Cement and Construction Materials journal (ICCM) 34

ICCM magazine addresses the expectations for the cement industry in 2017, the sea-based transportation of cementitious products and the perspective of Ravinder Reddy on the impact that the new budget will have on the cement industry. Additionally, readers can stay up-to-date on the latest industry developments.


  • Ravinder Reddy: Perspective on the Union Budget 2017-18

Ravinder Reddy, Marketing Director in Bharathi Cement believes that the Indian cement makers will benefit from the reduced and rationalized excise duty structure introduced by Union Budget. This duty structure will bring lower cost of construction that would further positively stimulate cement sector demand.

  • World Cement, Clinker & Slag Sea-Based trade:

This is a CW Research report that takes us through an in-depth, data-oriented and strategic analysis of global seaborne trade of cement products

  • Building India's road network:

India has the second-largest road network after the United States and has embarked on a massive road construction program

  • Growing use of petcoke as fuel in cement industries:

This is a two part webinar conducted by CW Group where the first part talks about the petcoke industry development trends and marketing analysis with particular focus on trade dynamics

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