India Cement & Construction Materials journal

India Cement and Construction Materials #46 - March 2019

In this issue of ICCM:

  • Interview with Paul Rodzianko, President of Georgian Cement Association and CEO of Kavkaz Cement, on the importance of controlling cement quality, the competitiveness of the Georgian cement industry, and sustainability
  • The recovery of Indian cement prices: ICCM looks back on the evolution of cement prices in India in the last couple of years, and assesses whether the latest recovery is likely to continue
  • 4 Challenges facing the cement industry in 2019: from a slowing economic growth to sustainability
  • World cement prices: CW Research examines the evolution of both domestic indices and trade prices of cement over 4Q2018 and analyzes the main factors behind their contraction


Leaders Q&A: Paul Rodzianko

In a comprehensive interview, Paul Rodzianko addresses a major issue in the Georgian cement industry: poor-quality cement. In a comprehensive discussion, Rodzianko explains the background for the creation of the Georgian Cement Association, the impact of a possible dumping situation, and what the Georgian cement industry can do to become more competitive and sustainable


Insight Analysis: Have Indian cement prices reached a turning point?

After seeing their margins hammered by rising costs and stagnated prices, Indian cement manufacturers are enjoying some respite thanks to recovering rates. Still, the outlook for Indian cement pricing remains uncertain


Insight Analysis: 4 Challenges for the cement industry in 2019 and beyond

The IMF and the World Bank are expecting the world economy to face several challenges in 2019, as some key economies cool down. As governments face issues that will affect their decisions for investment in the construction sector, how will the global sector be affected by an expected economic slowdown during the year?


CW Research: Trade protectionism pressures cement prices in 4Q2018

Despite a surge in China’s cement ex-works prices over the fourth quarter, both domestic indices and trade prices were globally dragged down by a combination of economic headwinds, adverse weather conditions, and subdued demand

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