India Cement & Construction Materials journal

India Cement & Construction Materials journal Issue 11

We are thrilled with the release of the March / April issue of ICCM. The magazine is evolving to a format more oriented to reflect our consulting and research expertise. We have created a new section called “CW Research and Analytics” to provide our readers an in-depth analysis of the most relevant developments in the industry. One of the themes included in this new section is energy, probably one of the most analyzed and most relevant topics in the cement industry today. That’s why our feature stories in this issue focus on India’s economic recovery, the challenges brought by the power crisis and the effects it has


on the cement industry. We also provide an insight on the cement industry situation in countries like Sri Lanka, Nepal, Pakistan and Bangladesh and an analysis on the cement equipment order intake and backlog index for the last quarter of 2012, covering some of the latest technological trends adopted by the construction industry.

We welcome you to read the free e-magazine online (click on the magazine below). If you rather receive a physical print copy of the India Cement & Construction Materials magazine Print Edition, contact us to order a subscription at [email protected]

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