India Cement & Construction Materials journal

India Cement & Construction Materials journal Issue 22-23

The CemWeek platform is pleased to announce the release of the latest issue of India Cement & Construction Materials Journal. The new issue covers major developments in the Asian and South East Asian region, ranging from government initiatives to industry regulations and market analyses.

One of the main topics detailed by the new edition of the ICCM Journal are the Indian coal auctions and their impact on the cement industry.

 After the “coal scam” scandal that took over the Indian industrial sector, the auctions for the allocation of coal blocks and mines by the government are expected to become the norm in the industry. The details of the process are laid out in the new issue of the magazine.

 This edition of the journal also features an in-depth overview of the Indian cement market, which shows strong signs of sustained growth in the next five years, according to the new 1H2015 Quantitative Update to the Global Cement Volume Forecast Report. The expectations are fostered by the plans of the new government elected in May of 2014, which has embarked on an ambitious infrastructure focused development trajectory. ICCM magazine describes the projects of the Indian authorities and looks into their achievements so far.

While analyzing the growth prospects for the Indian market, the new issue of India Cement & Construction Materials Journal is proud to announce the expansion of CW Group’s presence in the country, after the opening its new branch office in Mumbai. The magazine has all the details about the advisory projects and research reports conducted by the new office. Don’t miss out the details about the new senior experts who have joined the Indian CW Group branch and all the latest information about the cement industry.

We welcome you to read the free e-magazine online (click on the magazine below). If you rather receive a physical print copy of the India Cement & Construction Materials magazine Print Edition, contact us to order a subscription at [email protected]

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