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Extending the CW Group's leading cement sector research platform and combining it with CemWeek's global industry tracking, the India Cement & Construction Materials magazine is squarely focused on the Indian market. The magazine is ideal for India's decision makers, influencers as well as foreign companies that need to understand and follow the industry's rapidly evolving dynamics. Don't be left behind. If you wish to subscribe to the Print Edition, contact us at [email protected] to arrange for your subscription. You can also order copies of individual issues, clicking here, or contacting us.

In this issue we share CW Research’s Global Cement Volume Forecast Report for the second half of the year. The report shows that cement markets which underperformed in the past are recovering, whilst markets which were defined by continuous growth will be tempered.

This issue also highlights key findings from CemWeek’s 2014 India Cement Sector Sentiment Survey, indicating some key feedback from the Indian cement sector. Shree Cement’s latest move towards expanding its capacity is also one of our focuses in the issue.

The latest issue of India Cement & Construction Materials Journal is now available! Issue 18 is proud to present an exclusive interview with Mr. G Jayaraman, Executive President of Birla Corporation Ltd.

Our special guest speaks of the future of the Indian cement industry and presents his detailed view on the evolution. Moreover, this interview offers a glimpse into the technologic world of cement plants, as well as on the use of the alternative fuels in India.

The latest issue of India Cement & Construction Materials journal is now released. Issue 17 covers the most important story in the industry in past years: the Lafarge – Holcim merger. If it materialized, the transaction will fundamentally redraw the global map of the industry and the impact would be seen not only in the cement segment of course, but also in the ready-mix and aggregates segments, as well as in the wider supply-chain.

Furthermore, this issue also introduces two African countries that 

CW Group is pleased to announce the release of the India Cement & Construction Materials Journal 16th issue.

The first issue of 2014 will enjoy a content refresh and new developments with compliments and support of Dr. Surjya Narayana Pati, former Joint Director at the National Council for Cement and Building Materials, but also Mr. SNM Khan and Mr. Pradeep Kumar.

Their contribution, experience, and collaboration with India Cement & Construction Materials Journal will be presented in a special feature of this edition.

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