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Extending the CW Group's leading cement sector research platform and combining it with CemWeek's global industry tracking, the India Cement & Construction Materials magazine is squarely focused on the Indian market. The magazine is ideal for India's decision makers, influencers as well as foreign companies that need to understand and follow the industry's rapidly evolving dynamics. Don't be left behind. If you wish to subscribe to the Print Edition, contact us at [email protected] to arrange for your subscription. You can also order copies of individual issues, clicking here, or contacting us.

CW Group is pleased to announce the release of the India Cement & Construction Materials Journal 15th issue. With this, we end 2013 and get ready to enter next year with renewed optimism and hope for a bright 2014, full of new possibilities and developments.

Some of our CW Group executives participated as speakers in the Solid Fuel Summit (SFS) and the 2nd edition of Cement Business & Industry (CBI) India and South East Asia conference, organized by GMI Global in Mumbai, India last October. This edition brings you the conference highlights and a featured article written by Mr. E Ravishankar,

The September / October issue of India Cement & Construction Materials journal shares CW Research's views on the Global Cement Volume Forecast Report recently released. This report indicates that cement markets around the world seem to be stabilizing, even as much Europe is further downgraded and some emerging markets disappoint. Also featured is the deal made by the Jaiprakash Associates to sell cement plants. The company announced it has reached an agreement with UltraTech to sell its Gujarat cement units. Finally, the CW Group’s team of analysts focuses on the wider South-East Asia industry context to highlight the market trends for cement, both in India and the neighbor countries.

CW Group is glad to announce the release of the July/ August issue of India Cement & Construction Materials journal. The issue comes with a fresh look at India’s ACC excellent results in logistics management through the use of the RFID technology, which helped the company to streamline functionalities across its logistics chain, and goes into the details of new cement plant developments on the Indian subcontinent, as it plans some INR 50 trillion investments in infrastructure by 2017. Also featured is a sneak-peak into the results of CemWeek’s 4th Annual India Cement Sector Business Sentiment Survey. Optimism is still the dominant state of mind, but for how long?

We are excited to announce the release of the May / June issue of India Cement & Construction Materials Magazine, where you can read more about the challenges of establishing antitrust regimes in a global environment and Starlinger’s innovative polypropylene laminated block bottom valve sacks. We provide insights on energy trends, cement trade flows defining the South-East Asian landscape, and the most recent evolution of CW Group’s cement equipment order intake and backlog indexes. In this issue you may also learn about the disappointing evolution of the Indian cement companies in the first quarter of the year.

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