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Extending the CW Group's leading cement sector research platform and combining it with CemWeek's global industry tracking, the India Cement & Construction Materials magazine is squarely focused on the Indian market. The magazine is ideal for India's decision makers, influencers as well as foreign companies that need to understand and follow the industry's rapidly evolving dynamics. Don't be left behind. If you wish to subscribe to the Print Edition, contact us at [email protected] to arrange for your subscription. You can also order copies of individual issues, clicking here, or contacting us.

In this issue of ICCM:

  • Interview with Paul Rodzianko, President of Georgian Cement Association and CEO of Kavkaz Cement, on the importance of controlling cement quality, the competitiveness of the Georgian cement industry, and sustainability
  • The recovery of Indian cement prices: ICCM looks back on the evolution of cement prices in India in the last couple of years, and assesses whether the latest recovery is likely to continue
  • 4 Challenges facing the cement industry in 2019: from a slowing economic growth to sustainability
  • World cement prices: CW Research examines the evolution of both domestic indices and trade prices of cement over 4Q2018 and analyzes the main factors behind their contraction

In this issue of ICCM:

- Interview with Tom Tietz, Executive Director at California Nevada Cement Association, on the California/Nevada cement industry, concrete, and curbing CO2 emissions;

- Top Indian stories in 2018: from the sale of Binani cement to the petcoke ban, we gather all the stories that marked the previous year;

- Oil well cement: CW Research explains how demand and premium pricing for the commodity are rising through 2024.

The 44th issue of ICCM analyzes how the Indian cement industry is incorporating green technology and paving its way towards sustainability and the production of green cement. Ahmad Al-Rousan, Secretary General of the Arab Union for Cement and Building Materials, discusses how oil prices, terrorism and the global economic crisis are impacting construction projects in the region. CW Research analyzes the global cement consumption landscape over the first half of 2018 and explains how the shrinking Chinese cement demand, coupled with the latest trade and geopolitical events, is bound to shape global cement demand in the coming years. ICCM also looks back on the evolution of cement prices over the third quarter of the year, which were supported by an overall healthy economic environment.

The 43rd issue of ICCM features an interview with Phil Hodgson, Managing Director at Calix, about carbon capture and storage (CCS) and how it can help the cement sector step up its ecologic game. We also assess how the Indian cement industry can withstand increasing input costs and adverse weather conditions. Emphasis is also given to cement prices in 2Q 2018 and the trends and reasons behind their positive evolution. Moreover, CW Research looks into the market of white cement, a premium building material traditionally favored by developed markets, but that is rising among emerging economies. ICCM also draws a timeline of the latest developments in the US-China trade dispute and ponders on how a possible trade war could affect the global cement industry.

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