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Africa Pulp Industry Forecast Report

The CW Research report provides an in-depth analysis of the African pulp market

This report presents the latest data on the market size (volume and value) sourced through both primary and secondary research.

Five year historical and five year forecast data showcased include figures on apparent consumption, domestic production, capacity, utilization rates, exports and imports, price dynamics, as well as qualitative information on trends in the industry.

The report covers key drivers and constraints for individual pulp producers and end-users. The market intelligence provided in the report focused on the industry’s demand and supply, providing a strategic perspective on the evolution and outlook for that market.

This research effort serves the interests of the pulp manufacturers, as well as all the industry’s stakeholders: wood suppliers, equipment suppliers, etc.

Scope of the report:

1. About the industry

  • Industry definition

2. Industry snapshot

3. Industry overview

  • Executive summary
  • Principal industry drivers
  • Production: segment by country and types (bleached soft pulp, bleached hardwood pulp, unbleached pulp and mechanical pulp)
  • Market segmentation: newsprint production, hygiene paper production, packaging manufacturing, market pulp
  • Industry structure and value chain
  • Industry life cycle

4. Products & Markets

  • Supply Chain and logistics
  • Competitive Landscape

5. Intra-regional trade dynamics

6. Country profiles: South Africa, Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco, Nigeria and Algeria

7. Company profiles: Mondi and Sappi

  • Benefits
  • Selected views
  • Methodology
  • Who is this report for?

• Evaluate the competitiveness of the market

• Understand the market’s end users evolution and future expectations

• This study brings a forecast report to the industry with a new level of analytical rigor, enabling industry professionals to shape their perspective on markets and priorities

moz_sv_2_1928021913.png moz_sv_3_1338606671.png moz_sv_5_4006290.png

The research methodology used to estimate and forecast the market size included the top-down and bottom-up approach. The total size of the market was calculated, and accordingly, a percentage was allotted to different sectors in each of the segments and regions.

This breakdown and calculation was done on the basis of extensive primary interviews and secondary research. Primary research involved in this report includes extensive interviews with key people such as brick manufacturers, refractories experts, sand, concrete, lime and clay providers, as well as construction professionals.

After arriving at the overall market size, the total market was split into several segments and sub segments. These data triangulation and market breakdown procedures were employed to complete the overall market engineering process and arrive at the exact statistics for all segments and sub segments.

• Paper and pulp manufacturers

• Wood suppliers

• Pulp traders

• Paper manufacturers

• Equipment manufacturers

• Logistic professionals

• Analysts and consultants

• Equity banks


CategoryPaper and pulp
FormatElectronic (PDF)


$4,200.00 each

More Information

Available Customization

Based on the research and data for this report, CW Advisory offers consulting services to further extend the coverage and address specific strategic questions to meet client-specific scientific needs. For instance, clients may seek to:

  • Drill down other geographies
  • Address specific strategic and market questions
  • Develop market entry and response strategies

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