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We offer high-quality and up-to-date syndicated market and industry reports, commodity price assessments, market and competitive intelligence, sourcing and trade intelligence for all those interested in cement manufacturing, cement fuels, new markets, investment opportunities, individual companies, the competitive environment, global customers, or other areas.

In addition, our Advisory team can assist with custom studies and deal advisory at our clients’ requests, performing in-depth analysis of particular markets or market segments. Our products add value to business discussions and provide action points on strategic road map across the entire value chain in the industries we work in.

Our latest syndicated market reports based on our seasoned research team’s key findings provide insightful industry information and a clear direction for efficient business strategies.

Global quicklime, slaked lime and hydraulic lime market report (forecast to 2023)

The comprehensive market research report provides in-depth assessment and outlook for world market for quicklime, slaked lime and hydraulic lime through 2023.

The report provides detailed market sizing in a highly quantitative and data-rich format to provide reliable and accurate decision support. Key areas such as demand by industry end-user segments, product price dynamics and competitive landscape for major lime markets and worldwide industry are extensively covered.

Lime consumption is projected to give a rigorous outlook for major countries and world in both USD and tonnages. The detailed data and analytical insights allow readers to develop strategic directions, competitive strategies and position their business to evolve with the industry and capture opportunities.

The report was developed through an extensive set of interviews with key industry stakeholders in main markets (including US, Mexico, Brazil, Europe, Africa, India, Russia, China, Australia, Middle East) and companies (including major global lime manufacturers, equipment suppliers, traders, analysts, production engineers, industrial lime users and association members).

The report profiles major world lime manufacturers Carmeuse, Graymont, Grupo Calidra, Fels Werke, Lhoist, Nordkalk, Shandong CITIC, ShreeRam Lime and United States Minerals. Additionally, local champions are highlighted in each study of the major markets, including Australia (Adelaide Brighton), Brazil (ICAL), Germany (Schaefer Kalk), India (Tata Steel), Italy (Unicalce, Saced), Japan (Ashidachi Lime), Russia (Novolipetsk Steel, Bashkir Soda), South Korea (Jeongseon Lime), South Africa (PPC Lime, Idwala), Turkey (NUR Kireç, KIMTAS), UAE (Al Noora, Emirates Lime Factory), US (Mississippi Lime, US Mississippi Lime).

The report is divided into regional demand (USD and in tons) as well as product segments, providing a strategic perspective on the evolution and outlook for the industry, including steel, construction, paper & pulp, mining & minerals, agriculture, petrochemical applications, precipitated carbonate and others.

Find more information about the report in our press release notes.

Scope of the report:

  1. Industry Overview

◦   Executive summary

◦   Global lime market

▪   Market overview

  • Types of lime
  • Technology considerations
  • Supply chain, formal, captive and informal production
  • End-users, applications of lime, potential substituting materials
  • Key issues facing the industry

◦   Historical overview (2012-2018): global, regional, by end-user and type of lime production and demand; global market size in value and pricing

◦   Outlook (2018-20223): global, regional, by end-user and type of lime production and demand; global market size in value and pricing

      2. Country Assessments:

◦   Macro-economic overview, lime consumption drivers, competititve landscape, historic and future demand, historic and future supply-demand balance, Global quicklime, slaked lime and hydraulic lime market report (forecast to 2023) lime ex-works pricing and market size by lime product and end-user segment.

◦   Countries: Australia, Brazil, China, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Russia, South Africa, South Korea, Turkey, UAE, Ukraine, US

     3. Company profiles: Carmeuse, Calidra, Fels Werke, Graymont, Lhoist, Nordkalk, Shandong CITIC, ShreeRam Lime Products, United States Minerals

  • Benefits
  • Selected views
  • Methodology
  • Who is this report for?

This report can help you:

  • Understand 5-year outlook for global lime consumption and production on major markets and worldwide
  • Assess lime-end user segments and the drivers behind segment-level demand trajectory
  • Obtain a clear understanding of market participants in each major market and their approaches
  • Develop winning strategies by building on detailed and extensive lime-specific data series

The CW Global Lime Report is a data-oriented forecast report, providing extensive details on the outlook for key lime markets around the world. Our methodology goes beyond the obvious and average forecast, to incorporate as many inputs and as much information as needed.

The CW Global Lime Report not only builds on the CW Group’s industry-leading and proprietary databases and the industry’s most extensive market intelligence platform, but also combines our analysts’ views with inputs from multiple other external analysts, industry associations, market observations, monthly tracking information, discussions with executives and management at lime manufacturing groups.

  • Lime manufacturing companies
  • Lime equipment suppliers
  • Lime buyers and procurement departments
  • Industry analysts and consultants


CategoryHeavy-side building materials
FormatElectronic (PDF)
Release dateApril 2018


$4,200.00 each

More Information

Available Customization

Based on the research and data for this report, CW Research offers consulting services to further extend the coverage and address specific strategic questions to meet  client-specific scientific needs. For instance, clients may seek to:

  • Drill down into specific countries and other geographies
  • Evaluate sub-applications by country
  • Address specific strategic and market questions
  • Develop market entry and response strategies

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