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World Cement Bag & Bagging Equipment Industry and Forecast – 2019 Edition

The World Cement Bag & Bagging Equipment Industry and Forecast Report addresses important market dynamics and the outlook for equipment used in the bagging of cement, including entire dispatch lines.

This CW Group report provides a comprehensive view of this market segment, providing critical decision support information for cement and cement bag producers, kraft paper manufacturers, distributors, suppliers of bagging equipment and other stakeholders.

The report explores demand for cement bags and related bagging equipment on a global as well as a regional basis. Additionally, shares for bag vs bulk distribution, market trends and packaging options (kraft paper, polypropylene etc.) are discussed together with an outlook for the industry.

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Scope of the report:

  1. Scope and Methodology
  2. Executive Summary
  • Introduction

      3. Industry overview

      4. Dispatch line

  • Cement bagging equipment market by segment: Bag fillers, palletizers, packers, loaders

      5. Global market overview

      6. Regional market overview

  • Africa
  • Asia ex-China
  • China
  • Eastern Europe & CIS
  • Latin America
  • Middle East
  • North America
  • Western Europe

       7. Company profiles

  • Haver & Boecker
  • Beumer Group
  • FLSmidth
  • Claudius Peters
  • Premier Tech Chronos
  • Moellers Group
  • RM Group
  • Paglierani
  • CNBM
  • V T Corp
  • Lachenmeier
  • Webster Griffin
  • Concetti
  • SICK

       8. Data tables

  • Benefits
  • Selected views
  • Methodology
  • Who is this report for?

The World Cement Bag & Bagging Equipment Industry & Forecast Report is a unique product in the market, prepared by a group of advisors and analysts with proven long-time experience in the cement industry worldwide.

The report provides:

  • Comprehensive: Detailed regional breakdown of cement plant equipment by unit and market size value
  • Rigorous: Information derived from extensive primary interviews and industry expertise
  • Outlook: Five-year forecast of future equipment needs by type of equipment built through an end-user-informed bottom-up approach
  • Insights: Analysis of segment and sub-segment bagging equipment markets
  • Data: Extensive charts and tables quantifying historical and projected data

The World Cement Bag and Bagging Equipment Report is a data-oriented forecast report, providing extensive details on the outlook for key regions around the world. Our methodology goes beyond the obvious and average forecast, to incorporate as many inputs and as much information as needed.

The World Cement bag and Bagging Equipment Report not only builds on the CW Group’s industry-leading and proprietary databases and the industry’s most extensive market intelligence platform, but also combines our analysts’ views with inputs from multiple other external analysts, industry associations, market observations, monthly tracking information and discussions with executives and management at bagging equipment manufacturers.

  • Cement bagging equipment manufacturers
  • Specialized equipment component suppliers
  • Engineering and procurement firms
  • Investment analysts
  • Cement manufacturers


FormatElectronic (PDF)
Release dateMay 2019


$4,700.00 each

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