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AshTrade Europe 2016

April 21-22

AshTrade Europe 2016 is a focused approach to the coal combustion by-products sector, emphasizing shipping & logistics, power generation, fly ash trading bulk handling, beneficiation technology as well as concrete ready-mix, in a 1.5 day executive meeting setting.

Navigating the complexities of the coal and other by - combustion products markets is challenging and the pressure to find new opportunities is increasing. The 7th edition of the AshTrade global series, expected to attract participants in Europe and beyond, will focus on the business, logistics and technical challenges and opportunities in the coal combustion by-products sector:

  • Outlook for fly ash trading in Europe
  • Port and rail infrastructure legislation
  • Expanding role of coal by-products in Europe
  • Fly ash uses
  • Fly ash generators in Europe
  • Carbon Footprint of Fly Ash
  • Scenarios for the future energy system
  • Combustion ashes - Sustainability, quality, and public perception
  • Use of recyclable by-products in construction materials

With a focused approach to these burning key topics that the industry must work to solve and capitalize on, AshTrade Europe will be joined by a broad set of professionals from the coal combustion by-products and complementary sectors such as:

  • Power generators
  • Fly ash trading
  • Shippers & logistics
  • Bulk handling
  • Beneficiation technology
  • Cement manufacturers
  • Concrete ready-mix
  • Road & construction
  • Landfill & reclamation
  • Sustainability specialists

The Summit will be an excellent opportunity for the cement, construction and ready mix companies and their procurement / materials professionals to meet suppliers and develop new business opportunities.

Technical and engineering staff will have ample opportunity to reflect on the operational aspects that relate to these key areas and create new business opportunities, while also understanding the drivers behind the technology.

Find here the agenda page of the event.

AshTrade Europe 2016
April 21-22
NH Roma Villa Carpegna, Rome, Italy

For registrations, sponsorship and speaking opportunities please contact GMI at [email protected].

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