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Cement Business & Industry India 2016

GMI Global is excited to announce a new edition of the Cement Business & Industry India 2016, an annual event dedicated to senior level executives and decision makers in the Indian cement industry. Don't miss the next edition of the conference in Mumbai, India on October 19-20, 2016! Register now and take advantage of the EARLY BIRD discount!

Cement Industry of India is not only one the largest and fastest growing industries of India but also holds a vital part in the country’s economy by providing employment to more than a million people, directly or indirectly. India is the second largest producer of cement worldwide.

The 13th edition of the Cement Business & Industry conference, will focus on the executive agenda challenges and opportunities in distinct areas of the cement sector:

  • Keeping abreast with current market scenario
  • Discussing key challenges
  • Exploring innovative technological solutions
  • Learning from global experiences and case studies
  • Discussing regulatory issues affecting the manufacturers

With a focused approach to these key topics that the industry must work to solve and capitalize on, the Cement Business & Industry India 2016 conference and exhibition will be joined by a broader set of stakeholders, including petcoke suppliers, steel slag producers, power / fly ash generators, for a comprehensive and broader discussion on opportunities and challenges.

Who should attend?

  • Regulators & Policy makers
  • Mine Planners
  • Decision makers, Senior Executives of Steel, Power, Cement and Mining
  • Industry bodies and Business Chambers
  • Research Institutes & Academia
  • Mining Engineers
  • Environmentalists working on Fly ash issues
  • Technocrats and mangers of power & mining sectors
  • Fly ash by products producers
  • Construction and real estate companies
  • Scientist and Faculties
  • Slag producers
  • Slag-product users
  • Cement producers and users
  • Equipment vendors
  • Traders and shippers
  • Petcoke producers and traders
  • Cement stockists & dealers
  • Project vendors
  • Project promoters & consultants
  • Town planning & urban development authorities
  • Finance institutions & consultants

Why attend?

  • To consolidate business relationships
  • To solve specific problem
  • To find new markets
  • To obtain technical knowledge
  • To discuss business needs in a neutral environment

Find here the agenda page of the event.

Mumbai, India

For registrations, sponsorship and speaking opportunities please contact GMI at [email protected].

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