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Global refractory market Part II

Wednesday, 2017-06-28

CW Research's second part of the "Global refractory market report" analyses the regional use of refractories by chemistry and end usage


The report analyzes the regional markets in tonnage and value (USD). It also analyzes the  major refractory trends in raw materials.

The webinar will provide quantitative information on:

    *         Key industry trends

    *         Market size in tonnage and value (historical and outlook)

    *         Production volumes

    *         Import/export of refractory material by region and major country




About the Global refractory market report

CW Research’s “Global refractory market report” analyzes the use of refractories in the manufacture of steel, non-ferrous metals, cement, calcination of lime and a host of other high-temperature applications.

Natural and synthetic shaped (cast and pressed) refractories covered in the report are primarily products used in high-temperature furnaces / kilns, reactors and other industrial processing units typically facing usage temperatures in excess of 1000°F. 

The report analyzes the major refractory using regions as well as industrial trends with a focus on leading refractory producers globally.

The report will provide quantitative information on key industry trends, market size and growth, production volumes, use, import/export of refractory material by region and major country. Additionally, CW Research will examine in detail the consumption drivers for main user segments, to provide the necessary insight to identify trends for implementation of tactical and strategic business plans for major industrial segments.

About CW Research Report

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Wednesday, 2017-06-28

RalucaRaluca Cercel, Senior Analyst

Raluca is a senior analyst is responsible for various on-going research activities in the building materials and heavy industrial sectors. She w0rks on consulting projects, multi-client studies and various key initiatives including global market price assessments and market intelligence activities.
Raluca Cercel holds a degree in International Relations and a Master’s Degree in Transatlantic Studies from Babes-Bolyai University in Cluj-Napoca, Romania.

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