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How is Covid-19 affecting oil well cement demand?

Thursday, June 10, 2021 at 2:00 PM GMT

CW Research team will present the latest highlights from the World Oil Well Cement Market Forecast 2026. The analysis will focus on developments in the oil well cement sector, including demand and production capacity segmented by type of oil well cement, pricing trends, as well as import and export volumes. Furthermore, the discussion will bring to light key trends on the application of oil well cement in the onshore, offshore, shale, and geothermal segments.


The webinar will provide a detailed analysis of the developments in the global oil well cement sector, with a focus on key market drivers and constraints. Highlighting:

  • 5-year global capacity overview (major markets and producers)
  • Regional market shares
  • Comprehensive discussion on oil well demand
  • Trade and pricing dynamics
  • Types of oil well cement
  • Ongoing impact of Covid-19 on the market


About the World Oil Well Cement Market Forecast 2026

CW Research’s World Oil Well Cement Market Forecast 2026 report provides a comprehensive bottom-up outlook, driven by indicators such as crude oil pricing, which provide an understanding of future drilling activity in terms of linear drilling distance and depth. The study breaks down oil well drilling activity and oil well cement demand by type of well (onshore, offshore, shale, and geothermal applications), as well as by type of oil well cement (API oil well cement classes A, G, H, and others). The use of extenders including fly ash in oil well cementing is also considered and quantified.

The oil well cement demand forecast entails three possible market scenarios for all the 33 individual markets, as well as regional and world totals. Additionally, it offers an exhaustive mapping of worldwide oil well cement capacity and its locations.

Thursday, June 10, 2021 at 2:00 PM GMT

Prashant Singh, Associate Director

Prashant has a MSc. International Business from Seton Hall University and holds a double major in Economics and International Business and Trade from Saint's Peter University. He has close to a decade of experience working in management consulting/market research across the steel, chemicals and cement domains, mostly in the Middle East, Africa and Asia regions.

Prashant is an Associate Director of CW Group and manages the office located in India.

Wanderson Teixeira, Junior Business Analyst

Wanderson Teixeira holds a degree in International Relations from La Salle, Brazil and has more than two years of working experience in the construction industry. He currently works as a Junior Business Analyst at CW Group's Porto office. He executes quantitative and qualitative analyses for CW Research in the building material and heavy industrial sectors.

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