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With their rapid cost decrease, renewable electricity technologies (particularly wind and solar) have become an indispensable solution for energy-intensive industrials looking to reduce operational expenses and carbon emissions. In addition to the purchase certificates, industrials are willing to take a step further and procure electricity from additional capacities to fully control their procurement from specific projects, either directly on their consumption sites or through the grid.

Designing and structuring a financially viable asset to operate in the long term is a complex process in which industrials can benefit from the support of Independent Power Producers (IPP). This webinar will explore the characteristics and benefits of this model, navigating through different configurations (including onsite and offsite PPAs) and addressing the specificities of market regulations.


CW Research team will share highlights from the latest update of the Global White Cement Market and Trade Report covering the 2016-2021E period, with a five-year medium-term forecast until 2026. The comprehensive report includes white cement consumption and production figures, import and export data, pricing trends, and capacity developments. Furthermore, the report highlights global leading white cement producers to provide insight into the white cement production capacity, distribution networks, as well as important marketing initiatives.

The discussion will offer expert and inside knowledge on the white cement market, allowing its participants to plan and strategize how to tackle the market challenges that may occur in the near future.


The webinar will provide a quantitative and qualitative analysis on main key drivers and restraints the white cement market is expected to encounter over the forecast period.

  • 5-year projection of global white cement market consumption and production through 2026
  • Worldwide white cement capacity evolution
  • In-depth data on regional and benchmark trade prices
  • White cement applications by region
  • Trading facilities and trade-flows by region and major country
  • Ongoing impact of Covid-19 on the market


About the Global White Cement Market and Trade Report

CW Research’s Global White Cement Market and Trade report details the global white cement industry dynamics and presents not only a five-year retrospective to provide context but additionally a five-year forecast to provide understanding on evolving market dynamics. The insights include consumption and production figures, import and export data, as well as pricing trends and capacity developments.

The report delivers a full-length examination of the white cement market from a global and regional standpoint, giving its readers an overall perspective of the sector. It also includes a discussion on the ongoing impact of the pandemic on the white cement market.

Includes highlights from the 1Q2021 update of the Global Cement Trade Price Report.


Pricing strategy is a daily challenge for cement traders, shippers as well as buyers in the cement sector. Timely knowledge of global cement prices and trends remains a cornerstone for successful internal strategic planning.

Join us on April 8, as we discuss gray cement, clinker, white cement and slag markets, highlighting:

  • Global and regional trade dynamics and drivers;
  • Cement and clinker price evolution;
  • Ex-works and retail pricing for select markets;
  • Cement import and export price spreads and developments;
  • On-going impact of Covid-19.


About the Global Cement Trade Price Report

CW Group’s Global Cement Trade Price Report is designed to be a tool for those involved in the global trade of cement. A must-have price intelligence and analysis chart book with monthly import, export and ex-works prices for gray cement, white cement, clinker and granulated slag. Knowing that the pricing strategy is a day-to-day challenge for cement traders, independent traders, shippers as well as buyers in the cement sector, the Global Cement Trade Price Report is CW Research’s benchmark price assessment for monthly gray cement, white cement, clinker and granulated blast furnace slag market prices, imports, exports and ex-works. The extensive report, published on a quarterly basis, includes data for more than 70 individual markets worldwide on monthly average selling prices, retail price changes, a trade price forecast and volumes for the past 12 months, as well as a forecast for the next 3 months for each country. In addition, the GCTPR includes preliminary estimates for the latest quarter for key countries. The report also includes regional price indices, as well as a quick review of trading dynamics and drivers in different regions.

Includes highlights from the Algeria, Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda Cement Market & Forecast Reports.


A detailed analysis of the developments in select African cement markets.

The webinar will provide participants with the opportunity to hear CW Research team's insights on key drivers and constraints for those markets, including:

  • Macro-economic analysis
  • Regional construction markets overview
  • Cement market overview
  • Capacity drivers and prospects
  • Trade and pricing dynamics
  • On-going impact of Covid-19


About the reports

CW Group’s country market reports provide an in-depth forecast analysis covering cement volume trends in detail, analyzing trade flows, historical cement demand and production, the market’s competitive landscape as well as demand drivers, including macro-economic and construction sector dynamics, for the country. The information is provided in a data-rich format that combines qualitative insights with extensive facts and data series to allow readers to make critical business decisions.

More information on the reports can be found in the following links:

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