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Includes highlights from the 4Q2018 update of the Global Cement Trade Price Report.


Pricing strategy is a daily challenge for cement traders, shippers as well as buyers in the cement sector. Timely knowledge of global cement prices and trends remains a cornerstone for successful internal strategic planning.

The webinar will cover gray cement, white cement, GGBFS and clinker, highlighting:

  • Global and regional trade dynamics and drivers;
  • Monthly price evolution of gray and white cement, as well as clinker and slag;
  • Update for cement and clinker prices in the Mediterranean Basin and Persian Gulf-Arabian Sea & East Africa;
  • Ex-works and retail pricing for select markets;
  • Cement import and export price spreads and developments.


About the Global Cement Trade Prices Report

CW Group’s Global Cement Trade Price Report is designed to be a tool for those involved in the global trade of cement. A must-have price intelligence and analysis chart book with monthly import, export and ex-works prices for gray cement, white cement, clinker and granulated slag. Knowing that the pricing strategy is a day-to-day challenge for cement traders, independent traders, shippers as well as buyers in the cement sector, the Global Cement Trade Price Report is CW Research’s benchmark price assessment for monthly gray cement, white cement, clinker and granulated blast furnace slag market prices, imports, exports and ex-works. The extensive report, published on a quarterly basis, includes data for more than 70 individual markets worldwide on monthly average selling prices, retail price changes, a trade price forecast and volumes for the past 12 months, as well as a forecast for the next 3 months for each country. In addition, the GCTPR includes preliminary estimates for the latest quarter for key countries. The report also includes regional price indices, as well as a quick review of trading dynamics and drivers in different regions.

About the Cement & Clinker Price Assessment

CW Research’s Cement and Clinker Price Assessment: Mediterranean Basin product is a monthly price marker, offering end-user centric Mediterranean Basin cement FOB pricing information for prompt deliveries of cement and clinker. Persian Gulf – Arabian Sea and East Africa Cement and Clinker price assessment product is a monthly report providing timely updates on actual pricing for cargoes with prompt delivery (next 30-60 days). Major FOB price points and monthly indices include the Persian Gulf – Arabian Sea for clinker and cement and East Africa is covered on a CFR basis. The products synthesize key market information based on CW Research’s analysts’ interactions with market participants, including traders, exporters, buyers and other stakeholders involved in the cement trade. The reports are part of CW Research’s “Cement and Clinker Price Assessment” product series providing regional insights for end-user centric pricing information for gray cement and clinker, and India petcoke CFR.

Includes highlights from the Global Calcium Aluminate Cement Market Report and Forecast.


A detailed analysis of the developments in the calcium aluminate cement market and demand outlook through 2023.

The webinar will provide participants with the opportunity to hear CW Research team's insights on key drivers and hinderers of calcium aluminate cement demand between 2013 and 2023.

Join us on February 14th as we will present:

  • A 5 year forecast of calcium aluminate cement demand and supply;
  • Calcium aluminate end-user structure;
  • Qualitative long-term drivers.


About the Global Calcium Aluminate Cement Market Report and Forecast

Informed by extensive primary research, the report analyzes the major calcium aluminate cement markets at a country and regional level, as well as application trends with a focus on globally leading calcium aluminate producers. The report provides quantitative information on key industry trends, market size (volume and value) and growth of each calcium aluminate cement end-user segment, production volumes, imports/exports by region and by major country . Past and future consumption trends, as well as innovations are explored, accompanied by challenges faced by aluminate producers and end-users.  The report covers the demand for calcium aluminate cement for end-user segments, such as the high-alumina refractories (shaped and monolithic), high-performance blended cement and concrete, as well as sewage pipes and other specific applications that require high-performance cement with increased resistance to both high and low temperatures.

A detailed analysis of the developments in the precipitated calcium carbonate and the ground calcium carbonate markets and demand outlook through 2023.


The presentation will focus on the growing demand of PCC compared to GCC, the future of the global calcium carbonate industry in the following 5 years and the increase in production in the Asia Pacific region.

Join us on January 17 as we will discuss:

  • How PCC demand is trending compared to GCC consumption
  • Drivers and constraints for the global industry
  • Market size forecast
  • Increasing captive PCC production in the Asia-Pacific region


For more information on the Ground and Precipitated Calcium Carbonate Industry and Outlook please visit the report page.

A detailed analysis of the latest developments in the global oil well cement sector, with a focus on key markets.


The presentation will focus on the global oil well cement sector underlining the global capacity, imports and exports, regional market shares, demand and price trends. The CW Research team will highlight the types of oil well cement used and their demand, as well as key trends in oil well segments and the role of alternative applications.

Join us on December 17 as we will present:

  • Global capacity overview (global market and major producers)
  • Regional market shares
  • Demand, imports, exports
  • Types of oil well cement
  • Pricing trends


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