Cement and clinker Price Assessment: Mediterranean Basin

Monthly price marker, offering end-user centric FOB pricing information for prompt deliveries of cement and clinker.

CW Research’s monthly price assessment for ordinary Portland cement and clinker reflects key price points on an FOB basis. 

Price markers

  • Mediterranean Basin cement FOB prices bulk
  • Mediterranean Basin clinker FOB prices bulk

Subscriptions include monthly updates for prices, market moving news and overview of key export developments that are crucial for those involved in the cement trade to understand. Price points are based on our regular interactions and calls with traders, cement producers, exporters and other involved in the movement of cement and clinker to provide a view of actual traded cargoes in the next 30-60 days.

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Benefits of subscribing to CW Research’s cement and clinker price assessments include:
• Understand monthly prices of exported and imported cement and clinker
• Understand tactical and strategic demand drivers
• Keep up to date with the cement and clinker trade

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CW Research’s “Cement and Clinker Price Assessment” synthesizes key market information based on CW Research’s analysts’ interactions with market participants, including traders, exporters, buyers and other stakeholders involved in the cement trade.

CW Research will publish business intelligence derived index value for the grades assessed. In case the specifications of actual traders differ from the index, we will seek a market consensus as to how to adjust the traded value to properly form the index specification. We will contact and accept market data from all credible market sources, including producers, consumers, intermediaries and other market participants.

We will consistently seek to increase the number of market participants willing to provide data. The number of entities providing market data can differ from day to day, based on market conditions. These data include transactions, bids, offers, volumes, counterparties, specifications and any other information that contributes materially to the determination of price. Specific to transactions, bids, and offers, we will seek to verify the price, the volume, the specifications, and location basis. We will also verify the market data by cross checking the data with actual trade quantities and values.

  • Cement traders
  • Cement producers
  • Cement users / buyers
  • Bulk cargo shippers / charterers


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Release dateMonthly


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$950.00 each

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The monthly updates of each product, available as annual subscription in individual or corporate license forms, are distributed electronically.

You can contact the CW team at [email protected] with any questions you may have, or to place your order.

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