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The project will be located in the state of Espírito Santo

Several factors caused the decline in pricing for petroleum coke

Low demand for the fossil fuel to cause a drop in international sales

Data for June 28

Coal facilities overflowing due to low coal-fueled energy demands


19 July 2019

Gabon’s cement companies increase production in first quarter

Overall cement sales rose year-on-year

19 July 2019

Cementos Pacasmayo’s sales volumes rise in second quarter

The company’s revenues rose year-on-year

19 July 2019

China: Petcoke prices unaltered

Data for July 18

19 July 2019

Stanmore Coal hits record sales in first quarter

Company unveiled its quarterly production report

19 July 2019

Baltic Dry Index increases beyond 2,100 points

Data for July 18

18 July 2019

Morocco’s cement sales increase in June

Shipments to infrastructure projects contracted year-on-year

18 July 2019

Saudi Arabia’s cement sector operating rate drops in June

Total sales expanded year-on-year

Semen Indonesia’s cement sales expand in June
Domestic sales fell sharply, while exports sustained mild growth
17 Jul
Cementos Alfa's results surge in 2018
The company decided to invest in energy recovery and waste treatment
15 Jul
Ghana cement dealers say price rise is due to external factors
Dealers say increasing fuel prices, weak foreign exchange rate are to blame
17 Jul
Cementos Pacasmayo’s sales volumes rise in second quarter
The company’s revenues rose year-on-year
19 Jul
19 Jul
19 Jul
  • Ground and Precipitated Calcium Carbonate Industry and Outlook - 2023

    The report provides a comprehensive assessment of the world ground calcium carbonate (GCC) and precipitated calcium carbonate (PCC) markets and demand outlook through 2023. GCC and PCC are used as fillers and coaters in paper, plastic, adhesives and sealants, paint and coatings, while the study covers all the segments, evaluating the drivers, challenges and opportunities facing each.

  • Concrete market and outlook to 2021

    The report provides an in-depth assessment and market size forecast for the global concrete market and its sub-segments, including readymix concrete, pre-cast concrete, and blocks.

  • Global concrete admixtures report

    The report analyzes the global market and outlook for chemicals additives in various concrete-related segments, including ready-mix concrete, precast, blocks and pipes.

United States (March 2019)

Portland cement shipments, including exports, continued to fall YoY in March in United States. For ...

Saudi Arabia (May 2019)

Cement demand continued to fall YoY in May in Saudi Arabia. Cement demand in Saudi Arabia fell to...

Peru (May 2019)

Cement production continued to expand YoY in May in Peru. Cement production increased both month-on-...

Malaysia (March 2019)

Cement production in Malaysia increased by 17.3% to 1,381,000 tons during the month of March compare...

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