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The Asian country is increasing imports of raw materials

The companies are facing rises in raw material costs

The raw material costs have been expanding

The region accounted for a large portion of the industry’s production during the year

The company’s revenue grew year-on-year


21 March 2019

Packaging boosting UAE’s paper industry

The paper sector is growing fast

21 March 2019

Paperpal producing paper from paper waste and palm fronds

The plant was commissioned in 2018

21 March 2019

Egyptian sugar plant to install new paper line

The factory will use its waste to produce paper

21 March 2019

Egyptian paper industry’s production falls in December

Industrial output declined monthly

21 March 2019

Arjowiggins acquisition to be decided in late March

The court is studying two offers and a decision is expected soon

21 March 2019

Toscotec rebuilding Skjern’s paper machine dryer

The delivery is scheduled for the third quarter of 2019

21 March 2019

Voith installs new equipment for Unionpel

The commissioning and start-up services were completed as scheduled

Japanese paper companies increase paper prices in 2019
The companies are facing rises in raw material costs
18 Mar
Stora Enso considering reconversion of paper mill into packaging board facility
The company is also considering to close a paper machine at the mill
19 Mar
Nine Dragons Paper invests in Indian paper industry
The company has signed a new memorandum of understanding
20 Mar
China continues to depend on imports of raw materials
The country’s paper industry is concerned
20 Mar
E.ON to build energy facility at DS Smith plant
The company will be building a new energy plant in the UK
18 Mar
Cascades’ Tissue Group announces management changes
A new President and COO will be in charge of the segment
19 Mar
20 Mar
Italian chemical wood pulp imports rise in October

Imports of chemical wood pulp to Italy recorded a month-on-month expansion in October 2018.

22 Mar
US chemical wood pulp imports from Canada drop in October

Year on year, US imports of mechanical wood pulp from Canada decreased in October 2018.

21 Mar
Japanese pulp production and consumption expand in October

Pulp output slipped year on year.      

21 Mar
Chinese paper and paperboard production improves in November

Paper and paperboard output rose MoM, yet slipped YoY.

15 Mar
Production of paper and carton in France falls in November

Paper and carton output slipped compared to the previous month.

15 Mar
French chemical wood pulp CIF prices decrease in November

Imports of chemical wood pulp to France recorded a month-on-month contraction in November 2018.

14 Mar
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