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The "Changing Course" report also highlights the challenges posed by the transition

The production process is proprietary to the Design Center

Manufacturing equipment is also affected by the decision

The company wants to boost its Heavy Duty corrugated portfolio and cater to the logistics sector

The local government will be able to require a listing of the ingredients in the product or its packaging


17 May 2019

Used cardboard market contracts on falling Chinese orders

Suppliers are looking for alternative markets

17 May 2019

Georgia-Pacific launches new toilet paper product

The company has partnered with the Arbor Day Foundation to launch a tree planting campaign in celebr

17 May 2019

Voith launches new winder for paper industry

The new equipment has already been placed in the market

17 May 2019

Brompton Portfolio sets up facility in Ghana prison

The operations will focus on production of tissue and packaging products

17 May 2019

Tanzania bans plastic bags, teaches future entrepreneurs to produce alternatives

Students are being taught how to make bags from materials such as paper, cotton, and banana leaves

17 May 2019

Indian entrepreneur develops air fresheners from waste paper

The company is also using agricultural byproducts for this product

17 May 2019

GO Lab gets USD 250,000 grant to produce wood fiber insulation

The company has received an award from the US Forest Service

US mechanical wood pulp imports from Canada rise in March

Imports of US mechanical wood pulp from Canada improved year on year

21 May
US chemical wood pulp imports from Canada expand in March

Imports of US chemical wood pulp from Canada rose year on year

17 May
Portuguese chemical wood pulp FOB prices slip in February

Exports of chemical wood pulp increased year on year

17 May
Italian chemical wood pulp imports increase in January

Imports of chemical wood pulp increased year on year

17 May
Pulp FOB prices in Russia contract in January

Exports of pulp increased year on year.

10 May
Chemical wood pulp FOB prices in Chile slip in February

Exports of chemical wood pulp decreased year on year.

10 May
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