The new, fully automated Laidig X-Traktor model is designed to excel with hard-to-handle materials
The automatic shaft pullers show great results in Italy and Japan and continue operating efficiently…
The new agreement, in place starting July 1, 2020, should improve North American trade
The Review for January – June 2020 will be published on July 23.
In order to keep the company operating, Northern Pulp’s owners have taken a loan for…
The company said it is a matter of time before prices return to previous values
Sub-indexes for pulp, paper and other products declined
The mill will export its production to China
Several companies across the country adjusted prices in the new month
The packaging can be separated in the paper re-pulping process
This is the third time the company applied for an IPO
The company has begun a new “from Plastic to Purpose” campaign
Prices in May have declined from January
The bushfires are also expected to affect the industry over the next coming months
A revival plan for the mill is reportedly in works but continues to be stalled
The company wants to commercialize this product to products in the UK, in pubs
The company was able to redesign the plant’s layout and set-up in four months
The company will be planting these seedlings in parts of Russia
The product was the third most exported from the country in January-May
The norms cover the basics and most critical factors to take into account when packing…
The delivery will be made in the third quarter of 2020
Declines were seen across several regions
The bill is also said to increase forestry costs for the industry
The company will also use the funds to repay bank loans
The company aims to increase thermal paper production capacity through this acquisition
The equipment will increase sheeting capacity for high-quality paper and cardboard
The plant will become the largest sawmill in Northern Europe once finished
Hardwood pulplog prices contracted from the fourth quarter of 2019
the company reports it has produced the world’s first paper and cellulose-based visor
The new boiler will cut CO2 emissions at the Austrian facility
The engineering work will be carried in cooperation with Valmet, ABB, AFRY and Fimpec
The closure is said to be indefinite
The new range includes option for recycled consumer waste or fresh fiber from responsible forestry…
The company wants to increase capacity at the mill
The conclusion of the deal is still subject to approval
The prices declined in May as well
Prices for broad-leaved wood pulp has also declined
Imports did not slowdown despite the economic and trade strains from the pandemic
The equipment is expected to be commissioned in the fourth quarter of 2021
Industry stakeholders say this would delay carbon neutral goals
The country’s sales were affected by the COVID-19 pandemic
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