The country's total purchases of printing-writing papers have also decreased
The mill has been converted from clay-coated recycled paperboard to high strength uncoated recycled paperboard…
De Pere Cabinet manufactures modular and semi-custom framed cabinetry for diverse uses in single-family residences
Tony Mollica was chosen for the role
Andrea Rolim will lead the Kimberly-Clark's Brazilian operation
The upgrade was an investment of CNY 40 million
The company will invest CNY 687 million in the project
Valter Canelli will run the company's sales division
In its turn, production of containerboard for export reduced year-on-year in the month
The investment includes a pulp fiber preparation project and a high-performance paper-based new materials project
The new printing paper is likely to be used in the restaurant menus and as…
Another six more plants are expected to be established in the country in the future
The fully recyclable packaging is suitable for cold cuts and cheese
Volumes registered in pulp transport throughout the year are a historic record for the company
Imports of chemical wood pulp to Germany increased both monthly and yearly in April 2020
Average export prices, however, dropped both monthly and yearly
The South African mill has been out of electrical power for almost a month
After that, the company's annual newsprint capacity will decrease by 26 percent
The products are certified as compatible with all HP Indigo Digital Offset Color presses
The decision was prompted by children's letters which expressed concerns about plastic pollution
This is the strategy to keep the shelves full until US manufacturers catch up with…
Overseas waste paper prices are expected to slowly fall in the fourth quarter
Production improved both yearly and monthly
Production decreased during the first four months of the year
The technology aims to optimize the paperboard quality of the board machine
The newsprint, specialty papers and pulp production will be discontinued
The company will receive the materials at its recycled paper mills in the Green Bay,…
Wildfires disrupted the natural gas supply to the mill
The paper production reduced, while transformer cardboard production increased
The plant at the 80 year-old mill is worth RUB 6.5 billion
Increase in prices offset the region's losses after Northern Pulp mill closure
The mill, located in Wisconsin, US, was closed in May of last year
The company seeks approval for the project, which will increase its greenhouse gas emissions
The company's new stocking location is in Kent, Washington
The Hyflexpower project investigation will begin at the company's Saillat paper mill, in France
The facility will produce disposable diapers, toilet paper and paper towels
The country's consumption of packaging for food has also increased, pushed by the growth of…
The product was jointly developed by Tottori University Hospital and Medibeat
The works will be resumed this week and, in its phase, a new road will…
The company is accelerating its plan to increase recyclable or reusable packaging
The acquisition is expected to be completed on October 1
The process aims to reduce carbon emissions and achieve a recycling economy of waste
Natural pulp and hardwood prices have also improved
The company will discontinue production of publication paper
The equipment will be installed at the company's new mill in Yunfu
The equipment is capable of producing both small and big-sized wood chips
The new line will be installed at Lydall’s facility in Saint-Rivalain, France
The country's industry is following Europe and Canada announced readjustments
The paper package is environmentally friendly and conserves the wine up to 45 days after…
The japanese company plans to launch paper products with the technology in early September
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