The investment is the largest in Latin America this year
The company wants to acquire more equipment and warehouse facilities
The popularity of several products is also rising
The company is now offering customers a sustainability program for their paper consumption
The company’s organic sales improved year-on-year due to a rise in prices
The program has created several new joint ventures
The new equipment will be commissioned in 2020
The company’s programs cover over 201,000 acres of land under pulpwood plantations
The investment will mostly go towards companies in British Columbia
The company plants a tree for every full-grown virtual tree
PrintReleaf will plant trees equivalent to Xerox's clients’ paper consumption
The company aims to create a circular economy
The study wants to improve conifer forest resistance and resilience to climate change
France is trying to promote its forestry know-how in foreign markets
The company plans to meet the needs of all short-run products
The facilities will allow paper engineering students to test new products
The company has invested in modern equipment for the plant
The new technology uses cellulose in its production process
Demand for key products has declined, and supplies are tight
International Paper says distributors in Europe want to ditch plastic in the long term
Chemical wood pulp exports rose over November.
Pulp output rose month on month, yet decreased year on year
The sale is part of the Papeles y Cartones de Europa acquisition process
The branch manager said that the issue with expanding capacity further is legislative
The company wants to continue to promote Indian products
The company is partnering with the Plastic Soup Foundation
The county is promoting planting of endangered plant species
The Foundation wants to promote the restoration of the US forest
The company is already expanding capacity at the mill
Production of paper and carton slipped year on year
The project will be set up in Paraná, Brazil
WTO has sided with the US regarding Canada’s lumber
The US authorities are yet to approve the companies’ transaction
Almost half of the supplies came from New Zealand
The company was recognized by the Sustainable Packaging Coalition
The office is located in the province of British Columbia
The company has expanded its offering of hygienic paper products
The company will be combining two of its portfolios under the same name
The new project is expected to open in November 2020
The company has received orders from Europe and North America
The material uses algae and FSC fibers
The material is currently at the market validation stage
The plant will convert organic matter into biogas
The recycling industry wants to promote domestic consumption
The government is waiting for a new operator to take hold
The Boex twins aim to get rid of plastic
Wood solids were the largest feedstock for electricity generation from biomass and waste
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