According to CW Research, in October, paper and paperboard production in China posted a 3%…
Pulp exports decreased YoY in October in Russia.
Metsä Group plans to increase its softwood debarking capacity
The company’s timber sales revenue fell year-on-year
The company has piloted the system at its Roermond Paper Mill
The company’s revenue improved from 2017 results
The company will be delivering the equipment through 2019-2021
The National Authority aims to significantly improve its gross output by 2025
Log supplies are projected to rise from 2018 levels
The new plant will be commissioned by 1Q2020
The company’s full-year net sales reached a new record
The company made several investments during the year
Year on year, US imports of mechanical wood pulp from Canada increased in September 2018.
The company’s operating assets will be acquired by an affiliate
The equipment was delivered on a fast-track emergency basis
The company plans to invest in additional production capacity
The new board member is the CEO of a company
The new VP was already working with the company
The company broke several records during the year
The expansion of the Östrand unit is one of SCA's largest industrial investments ever
The officials are recommending the government to investigate
The company’s gross operating profit surged from 2017
The company is developing a new greenfield mill
The new policies concern forest-based renewable biomass
A few pilot hubs will be launched this year, and more in 2020
The company’s Adjusted EBITDA declined partially year-on-year
Net sales recorded a double-digit surge
Imports of chemical wood pulp to Germany recorded a month-on-month increase in October 2018.
The reconversion will not be subject to environmental assessments
The company invested in new equipment at its Louisiana facility
The company’s net profit declined year-on-year
The company’s net sales expanded mildly
The official said it is willing to change policies
The company is developing a new program in 2019-2020
The company will be expanding the facilities
The company has been expanding across the Charlotte area
The new facility will be producing recyclable coffee cups
Valmet will be supplying upgrades for its equipment
The purchase should be completed in mid-2019
Exports of chemical wood pulp from Chile recorded a month-on-month improvement in August 2018.
Exports of chemical wood pulp from Indonesia recorded a month-on-month increase in September 2018.
The transaction should close in the second quarter of the current year
The company will be offering a premium for over-30-year-old trees
The company has benefited from higher product prices
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