Average prices have been expanding, while volumes have declined
The mill had the second largest output of Ukraine during the period
The officials requested the central government to envision a plan to revive closed facilities
The company is ramping up output of Sirpur mill
The company has also acquired a packaging firm and developed new manufacturing facilities to grow…
The industry is being accused of dumping products in foreign markets
The company’s partners are already selling and marketing these products in Mexico
The new holder of the position was selected by the company’s board
The company is still looking for a new mill owner
The contest will last a year and will involve community boards
The conversion of Oulu Mill will enable Stora Enso to further improve its position in…
The equipment will help reduce variability in paper quality
Researchers called for new management on forest resources
China imposed new legislation that added stricter rules for import of mixed paper
Net profit for the full fiscal year jumped from previous year
The company uses automated wood systems that can go weeks without maintenance
The country has made its new regulation clearer
The facility is expected to be commissioned by the end of year
Several taxes on the industry were lowered in the new budget
The executives say that, despite the tense relationships, business among the two countries is healthy
Two of the companies initiatives received appraisal
The packaging uses micro-fibrillated cellulose
The product is an addition to the company’s Diva Art range
Customers will be able to access key information at all times
Consumption has also been declining
The company said that the worsening market conditions led to the decision
Allnorth will be supplying the equipment for the new facility
The company has prepared a new logistics plan to get its product to market
The company wants to follow the changing demand of consumers
The researchers will conduct a twelve-month long study into the issue
The company launched at the beginning of the year and is poised for growth
Manufacturers say their production costs are lower due to cheap raw materials
Import volumes of the raw material expanded year-on-year
Output of paper and board decreased year on year
The packaging stood out for being an innovative and sustainable solution for dry food
The new company will be dually listed in the United States and Australia
The companies have launched a new technology for the product range
The plant had no fire equipment installed
International Paper was one of the companies receiving the grant
The new hire previously headed the Aluminum Association
The company will be paying the dividends on June 26
The former mill manager will retire in August
The company saw product prices improve year-on-year
The company is the latest among many to feel the bite of declining demand
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