Import volumes and values rose year-on-year and month-on-month
The coated recycled board machine is designed to be the largest and lowest cost producer…
The new Chairman has a PhD in forestry and forest economics
The company aims for a double-digit output growth as well as runability improvement
Customization is particularly important for turnkey supplies based on local manufacturing standards and rebuilds
The company slashed its CO2 emissions by 30% in fourteen years
The product offers great durability and stability
Over 20% of the country's exports come from the forestry industry
The company also announced the acquisition of a carton producer
The town remains committed to bringing the mill back into production
Operating rate and inventory levels also dropped
Consumption of wood products in Europe is good, yet prices remain under pressure
The company remains confident on delivering financial benefits from the Bemis acquisition
China continues to be the main destination
Both values and volumes showed a downward trend
Average daily production rose compared to June
The project is poised to boost Maine's forest economy
The US manufacturer of uncoated recycled paperboard registered net sales of approximately $75 million in…
The climate impact results for cartons are 78% lower than reusable glass bottles for fresh…
The company is closer to ensuring a pulp self-supply of 75%
Suitable land for reforestation continues to decrease
A new production record was reached during the year
The company will be developing the project in Chile
Overall production fell year-on-year
The company’s adjusted net income rose in the first half of the year
Paper straws were put forth as the alternative
Reusable cups need to be used dozens of times in order to achieve sustainability
A company in the region is setting up plantations for eucalyptus
The company’s new packaging is mostly made of cellulose
The company will be investing in its four Brazilian units
The company designs and markets technologies used in chemical pulping
Inventory levels fell month-on-month
The company wants to see if the project could be expanded
The company will be using sustainably-sourced raw materials for the products
The country has launched a program to end the rising deforestation
The company is urging customers to use the paper to make origami cranes
Changing consumer habits could lead to more profits
New research highlights several potential uses for the material
The company’s net profit fell in the first quarter
The country’s imports dropped both in terms of value and volume
Output rose both year-on-year and month-on-month
The company will be investing in the terminal and increasing capacity
A dispute between partners is delaying the process
The company will be investing the money into a mill in Quebec
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