Average import prices expanded year-on-year
The company is expecting to increase production at its facilities across Canada
US lumber duties are also taking a toll on the sector, which struggles to stay…
The new solution is intended for both professional use and domestic consumption
The company is also moving its head office in Sweden
The company’s operating income rose as prices increased
The new offer has the widest and deepest offering of any premium grade
The company’s investment could cut costs for recycled material
Purchases declined year-on-year as well
The new pulp mill is part of an agreement between the two countries
The plant is already operating but will be officially commissioned in December
The financial incentives would also be available for products using reusable packaging
The company has joined the European Commission Graphene Flagship project
The port has signed a deal with Finnpul regarding transport of product to the terminal
Some of the operations were shut down after an accident in early October
Output increased both year-on-year and month-on-month
Import values and volumes contracted yearly and monthly
The machine will be one of the fastest ever created
The company aims to continue developing similar solutions
The company aims to increase the efficiency of transport
The company was recognized in the ranking of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development
The partnership was able to create a new solution for Nestlé
The company set out new sustainable targets
Prices are decreasing as quality demand rises
The company wants to strengthen its position as largest newsprint exporter in Russia
The country wants to improve the industry’s export potential
American Forest and Paper Association has welcomed the move
The new company, Paboco, is a joint venture with Alpla
The company trialed the program at a mill in the Netherlands
The project’s financial closing is expected in the first quarter of 2020
The company wants to begin industrial production of new packaging in second half of 2020
The company seeks to continue its expansion
The industry is heavily reliant on imports of raw materials
The country recorded a double-digit increase in biomass-fueled power
US recycling industry wants to take advantage of the industry’s shift toward paper
The current owner of the mill has reached an agreement with the local authorities
The institution is testing the model in four countries
Imports of chemical wood pulp also increased
The company partnered with Aisa to manufacture the new product
Construction of the facility is expected to take place in early 2020
The transaction is expected to be complete before March 2020
The company says it is still working on prototypes
The professor recommended the use of waste rock from phosphate mining to produce paper
Consumption is expected to continue increasing
The company aims to use its profits to plant more trees each year
The companies in the area are trying to keep afloat
The government of Quebec has provided a loan to the company to avoid the shutdown
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