Pulp production in Japan slipped 2.8% month-on-month in June, reaching 678,996 tons.
The equipment provider is making its debut in the Japanese market
The financial details of the transaction were not disclosed
The industry has called the government to enforce a deal that benefits trade with the…
The operation is officially concluded
The company has already suggested a new location in Estonia
Energy issues are set to still affect the company’s operations
Russian exports of the commodity increased YoY over the period.
Imports of chemical wood pulp to the country recorded a month-on-month increase in June 2018.
New prices will be valid from 2019 onwards
The new plant will produce corrugated cardboard
The investigation was requested by a local manufacturer
Companies want a stabilization of prices
The company has developed several sample bags for a client
The company has installed the equipment in a tight period of time
The company will be supplying a new rewinder for tissue production
Imports rose while exports declined from the equivalent period of 2017
This is the second order of the kind for the company
The company is aiming to market its new paper products across other markets
The project should be complete by the end of 2020
The investment is one of the largest ever made by the company
The chemical replaces starch during the manufacturing process
The transaction was approved without any restrictions
The company has been expanding across India
The installation of the new equipment should be complete in November
The installation of the new system is nearly complete
Purchases from private owners fell year-on-year and month-on-month
The company will be requesting a refund of the amount paid so far
The deal should be completed in the fourth quarter
The new plant is set to open in 2020
The local government has issued a warning to the company
The company has three sawmills in the region
The company is assessing the damage done after an accident at its power plant
The Myanmar industry was looking to increase exports to the EU
Chinese demand has boosted investments in the local forest industry
The new prices will be effective from November 10
The expansion should be complete by the fall of 2019
The market showed a pronounced growth year-on-year
The company is still talking with possible investors to resume output
The equipment will be used to improve energy efficiency
The company has provided an update after the passage of Hurricane Michael
Canfor decided to close some of its operations and perform maintenance
The company benefited from higher average selling prices
The revamp of the old pulp mill is planned for the first quarter of 2019
The final conclusions of the study are yet to be released
The company produced paper, and several textiles and chemicals
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