The mill was built and operated by EcoEnergy
The bank is warning about a possible decline in prices
The company expects the change to impact cash flow and EBITDA margin
The country had several fires during the summer
The investment aims to support the forest economy in the region
The company is set to open a new facility in Michigan
The company expects wood prices in the country to decline
Almost 90% of production is meant for the domestic market
The energy-saving design of the drying section relies entirely on steam
The previous CEO will remain on the company as a director
The company is restructuring to improve profitability and sustainable competitiveness
The number of companies in Dubai has been steadily expanding
The previous CEO will still be part of the company
The company has already enlisted partners for the initiative
The system will be commissioned at the start of January 2019
The country will have to develop a new system to certify timber products
The equipment was manufactured at the company’s Chinese facility
The new machine will enhance shipping activities
The company has closed the transactions with three different companies
The contract concerns power supply to the company’s mills for eight years
The company is facing higher raw material costs
The two companies have reached an agreement
This means that the subsidiary now has a subsidiary of its own
Imports of chemical wood pulp to France have recorded a month-on-month increase in August 2018.
In August, average FOB prices for pulp stood at USD 725.7 per ton, a 1.7…
Imports of chemical wood pulp to Japan recorded a month-on-month decrease in August 2018.
The company is expanding in France
The increased production capacity is expected to be commissioned in 4Q2019
The new machinery is set to be commissioned in the second quarter of 2019
Net income expanded year-on-year
The company is expecting higher EBIT and sales in 2018/2019
The center will provide product testing and development
The government is responding to recommendations by experts
The researcher expects the material to promote and develop IoT
Imports have been surging as China banned waste paper use
The company will diversify its product offering as well
The acquisitions regard the fruit and vegetable sector
The delivery is expected by the end of the year
The company will also be increasing a stake in a subsidiary
The companies have finally reached an agreement regarding the asset
The assets were sold o Forest Investment Associates
The company aims to have a marketable product already in 2019
WestRock has recently accepted cups and other paper food packages at some of its mills
The country’s rail network is operating at near full capacity
The company has been leasing a space at MLP Group’s logistics park since 2010
The company will be performing online monitoring of the mill
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