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The comparison with May 2018 comes from a low base, but year-to-date sales have also expanded

Thermal coal exports to Asia rose sharply

Price hits lowest figures since December 2016


14 June 2019

Belarus installing new coking equipment

The refinery in Novopolotsk will begin production of petcoke once it is installed

14 June 2019

European terminal records increase in coal stocks

Stocks have risen back up despite past-week low

14 June 2019

Colombia records fall in coal prices

Decrease in fossil fuel value is already affecting the country’s mining operations

14 June 2019

Russian coal export prices to drop

Unattractive export values stagnate sales

14 June 2019

Ukraine increases coal import costs

The country’s main supplier of thermal coal to continues to be Russia

14 June 2019

Baltic Dry Index continues steep downward trend

Data for June 13

13 June 2019

Cement prices in Argentina to surge on continuous inflation

Factory prices have already risen and should be passed onto customers soon

Petcoke still accounting for most of Nova Scotia Power’s electricity generation
The company is aiming to decrease its reliability in coal and petroleum coke
12 Jun
Philippines considers end of import of fuel alternative used in cement production
The government wants to set up a processing plant for waste-based fuel in the country
 7 Jun
Belarusian refinery installing new delayed coking unit
The refinery will begin production of petcoke once the equipment is commissioned
 7 Jun
AfriSam applies new carbon tax on products
The company decided to apply the tax on its products rather than a blanket price increase
10 Jun
Colombia’s coal exports to Asia to decline on tighter competition
Oversupply proves a challenge for the country’s coal sales
11 Jun
Chinese aluminum exports recover
Prices were at their lowest since January 2017
11 Jun
China’s benchmark coal power prices to continue decreasing
Country’s base power coal price dropped sightly during the past week
11 Jun
  • Ground and Precipitated Calcium Carbonate Industry and Outlook - 2023

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  • Concrete market and outlook to 2021

    The report provides an in-depth assessment and market size forecast for the global concrete market and its sub-segments, including readymix concrete, pre-cast concrete, and blocks.

  • World kaolin industry markets and outlook

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