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Apr 2019
Coal India said to have increased spot forward e-auction prices

Independent power producers complain of higher reserve prices


Apr 2019
Glencore secures supply deal for Mexico

Company won over a dozen auctions from Mexico's Federal Electricity Commission  ...


Jan 2019
Coal India sets fuel aside for new e-auction round

Coal made available by e-auction dropped in April-December 2018  ...


Jan 2019
Coal India prepares new round of e-auctions

Less coal has been made available on this year's e-auctions  ...


Jan 2019
Coal India prepares coal for e-auction in 1Q2019

Amount of coal diverted to auction fell in the past quarters  ...


Nov 2018
Coal India charges more for e-auctioned fuel

Company's income with e-auction rises in spite of lower volumes  ...


Nov 2018
Coal India segures highest ever premium on coal e-auction

Company surpassed the earlier highest achieved in October 2017


Oct 2018
Coal India sells fuel to captive power plants

Company conducted three rounds of e-auctions to the cement, sponge iron, and captive power producers  ...


Sep 2018
Coal India reserves coal for captive power producers

Coal contracts will be auctioned during October  ...


Sep 2018
Cement makers book almost all coal auction by Coal India

Companies paid a high premium over notified price


Jul 2018
Sponge iron prodcuers pay premium prices for coal linkages, India

Coal India's e-auction for coal to the sponge iron sector attracts much interest  ...


Jun 2018
Coal India improves realizations from e-auctions

Realizations rose both in 2017-18 and in 4QFY2018


May 2018
Coal imports may have to increase in India

Rating agency calls for new auctions to avoid output stagnation  ...


Feb 2018
Coal India sets target for thermal power sector deliveries in 2018-19

Miner will allocate more coal to e-auctions  ...


Jan 2018
Coal India gives more autonomy to subsidiaries over e-auctions

Subsidiaries will be able to set floor price and date for e-auctions  ...


Jan 2018
Indian cement makers turn to coal e-auctions

Uncertainty over petcoke use and levies leads cement makers to domestic coal


Jan 2018
Coal India's e-auction premium to come down in 4QFY2018

Exceptionally high premiums from the last quarter will not likely be repeated


Jan 2018
Coal India improves its premium on e-auctions

Average premium over notified price rose during the third quarter of FY2018


Dec 2017
Coal India achieves higher premium on e-auction coal

Supply constrains push prices up on the spot market


Sep 2017
Indian coal buyers wanting for new e-auctions

Coal imports fall as result


Sep 2017
Coal India to maintain prices

Company bets on e-auctions for higher revenue  ...


Aug 2017
Coal India announces provisional forecasts for 2017-18 e-auctions

Central Coalfields will be the largest supplier for the e-auction schemes  ...


Apr 2017
Coal India supplies more coal to poewr sector, 2016-17

More coal was available through e-auction  ...


Apr 2017
India: cement makers prefer petcoke to coal

Petcoke is chosen for its calorific content and lower cost


Feb 2017
Coal India earns more from e-auctions

Earnings increases during the 4Q2016


Jan 2017
Coal India to sell more coal through e-auction

The company announced plans for e-auction volumes in the next three years  ...


Nov 2016
Coal India sells more coal through e-auction

E-auctions are a major revenue source for the company  ...


Oct 2016
Coal India wants to reduce coking coal imports

The company will maintain prices to attract steelmakers to future e-auctions  ...


Jul 2016
Coal India to benefit from higher benchmark prices

The company expects to sell coal for higher prices in e-auctions  ...

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