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Aug 2020
WTL builds complex of equipment for oil refinery in Turkmenistan

It will utilize two new units to help improve production  ...


Jul 2020
Replan’s volume of refined oil in June bounces back to pre-coronavirus levels

The increase came amid the resumption of operation of two distillation units  ...


Apr 2020
India: State of Goa calls for industrial units to discontinue use of petcoke as fuel

The state issued a directive based on the central government’s guidelines


Feb 2020
Exxon Mobil restarting coking unit at Louisiana refinery

The refinery shut down some units after an accident on February 12  ...


Feb 2020
Indian government chooses minimum discounts for thermal units

Some industry executives believe the price cut requirements to be too high


Feb 2020
Marathon Petroleum replaces coke drum at Garyville refinery

The company is focusing on its coking units as part of a new project  ...


Jan 2020
Brazil seeks to build more refineries

The government wants to narrow its fuel trade deficit, and could build more coking units  ...


Dec 2019
INA to invest in new petcoke storage for Rijeka refinery

The company will also reconstruction of the existing refinery units  ...


Dec 2019
Azerbaijani refinery revamps coker unit as part of modernization project

The unit produces petroleum coke


Dec 2019
Indian Oil to set up new petcoke gasification units at Paradip refinery

The company commissioned a new polypropylene unit in 2019


Nov 2019
Técnicas Reunidas’ sales rise in January-September

The company will be replacing petcoke units as part of a project it was awarded during this period  ...


Nov 2019
Shell restarting coking unit at US Gulf Coast refinery

The unit was shutdown for maintenance


Nov 2019
Petrobras expects to close new refinery technology revamp by end of the year

The company aims to increase profitability in many units, including those that produce petcoke  ...


Oct 2019
Shell shuts down Texas refinery to overhaul coker

The company is beginning maintenance at the facility for several units  ...


Sep 2019
Suncor to replace petroleum-coke fired boilers

The boilers will be replaced by new natural gas co-generation units  ...


Sep 2019
Suncor Energy replacing petcoke-fueled boilers at Canadian plant

The company will be reselling part of its new generated energy to the national grid

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