The company will be supplying the material in the US
Ballou hardware stores will sell CEM II/AM 42.5
Port handled slag shipment for INSEE Cement
Company's master plan has brought down the number of new cement units
Cemex announced its intentions for the plant in southern Spain
Goods and Services Tax Council meets on January 10
The binding deal was made for the enterprise value
Overall construction performance in sub-Saharan Africa will be positive
The company says it remains on track for a turnaround
Full production should begin in the second half of the year
A research institute has proposed a new national action plan to promote fly ash bricks
They hope that the material can be used on a local base
Rapid Set cement promises fast setting and low shrinkage
Chilean company wants to ensure that its energy supply will come entirely from renewable sources…
The country expects further growth in exports in 2019
The government has decreased tax rates on several items over the past few days
Kyiv-based researchers promise stronger cement mixture
Dangote, LafargeHolcim participate in the Global Cement and Concrete Association's guidelines for sustainability
The company has developed two new innovations
The company will be providing concrete to a new railway in Minneapolis
As production decreases, imports from Vietnam rise
The company will be selling two of Terex’s models
The new asset will be changing names
Production of crushed stone rose year-on-year
Five startups picked during the first stage of the Open Innovation Program
The new appointee is a chairman of the board in several companies
December 21, 2018

Sika acquires Arcon

The company is located in Romania
Old clothing and textiles used to produce building materials such as flat panels
The company aims to reduce construction costs by acquiring cheaper materials
Ban will be imposed on March 1 next year
The company expects to improve supply in Central America
The company is aiming to reduce its debt
The business unit is now called Sika Advance Resins
The company wants to increase capacity by fivefold
With California among the top cement-producing states in the US and some of its city…
The company is expanding across the south of the country
Frac sand will not be affected by the price expansion
Company created business model arround ground-granulated blast furnace slag
Several factors are behind the expansion
The new sales office will concern Cement and Minerals
The company believes that vinyl will replace ceramics and marble
Workers distrust new product as it was already tried in 1990
The new facility will still have units coming into operation in 2019
Surge in demand registered in 2018 not enough to close the gap
Qatar tries to become self-sufficient on white cement, iron slag cement
The company wants to improve its offering in 2019
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