The company is seeking to fund further expansion
Output of most products rose year-on-year
Cement is capable of eliminating toxic pollutants
Osho Cement is a new cement maker in South Africa
The new material has already been tested on a commercial scale
The autonomous region has imposed new rules on capacity replacement and emissions
Company started shipping Eurocem 500 Extra
September 21, 2018

CanWel changes auditor

The new auditor was selected via a tender process
BlocMaster cement promises rapid setting
Researchers estimate that several million tons of sand could be saved per year
Terminal belongs to Penna Cement
Prices declined month-on-month, but expanded year-on-year
Brexit could enforce changes in the industry
The prices for building materials in the country have been expanding
The new facility will be focusing on new product launches
The new material uses industrial waste to create more sustainable materials
The material in transit will be used for the manufacture of cement
The terms of the deal were not disclosed
Terminal project was moved from the city's harbor to site yet to be determined
The company has acquired all the necessary permits for the expansion
The company will be opening similar facilities across the country in the coming months
Penna Cement will bag cement handled by the terminal
The company’s revenue grew in the first half of the year
The company’s new line allows for a decrease in cement and lime content
Ready-mix concrete companies requested to present figures on cement use
The government is working on policy regarding the use of the material
Company is now selling Vicat Optimate and Vicat Duramate
The Australian company’s subsidiary in the country works with this material
The country’s exports have soared in the first half of the year
Prices expanded year-on-year and month-on-month
As environment-friendly technology has become an inescapable subject of discussion in the cement industry, CemWeek…
Existing factories will have to implement more rigorous environmental controls
The two companies have entered an agreement regarding the sale
Waste is being used as alternative raw materials, fuel, and additives
The new appointee started its functions in early August
The facility is the largest of its kind in the UK
The government has responded to increase in US’s import tariffs
Gray cement trade prices recorded an overall improvement in the second quarter of 2018, according…
Lancaster University develops a cement mixture capable of conducting and storing electricity
The UK and Ireland were the largest contributors for this surge in sales
The wood-based material is already being used in Australia
The company reached a new quarterly record in revenue
Through a combination of greenfield and brownfield expansions, UltraTech solidifies its leadership in the Indian…
The company has acquired land in Louisiana
The company will be relocating its operations
The alternative building material is new to the United States
The company is to announce further expansions on the site later
Other waste such as slag is also being used
The company has signed new delivery contracts
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