Emissions from the sector soared over 50%
Singapore’s largest road project is helping the industry improve in the short term
Human waste could be used to develop cheaper bricks
The scientists found that regular cement mixes showed no difference from those with added fibers
The company helped to restore a historical monument in the city of Dresden
Investments in the building sector increased more than 50% year on year
Building business has been steadily increasing for the past 3 years
The company has been undertaking several environmentally-focused projects
Company sets new goals after launching new facility
Construction workers urge the government to tighten legislation
Construction business in the country hits its lowest since June 2001
This upward trend arrives after 3 years of declines
Decision to allow asphalt plants in the industrial areas may not be final
Imports from Spain recorded a double-digit improvement
The local government plans to cease payments to contractors who don’t use them
The newly developed construction material could help to eliminate waste
The Romanian company sells concrete blocks
Home building surged almost 30% year on year
Malaysian government urged to reinstate the value fluctuation section into building contracts
The Construction Materials Price Index showed an increase between January and May 2019
Country shows a decrease in demand for building materials
The companies will be developing new formulations for cement and concrete
The product could foster biodiversity in cities
Rates expanded despite a decline in demand
The company supported roughly half a dozen recently-built structures
The product is said to have a number of advantages over regular cement
Companies say that cheaper imports are causing their sales to drop
The family-owned business comprises assets such as two concrete plants
The BC Tech Association considers there's a lot to be done
Building materials company seeks to increase manufacturing by the end of the year
Project could prove highly beneficial for the building business
Country’s building business still below its average levels
Company created a more environmentally friendly way to develop cement
Country’s building materials are still receiving funding
Orders for housing construction declined during the previous month
Demand for new houses rekindles the sector
The company is looking to acquire new capacity in cement, aggregates, and ready-mix concrete
Group suffers due to the low building activity during the first half of 2019
Province tightens its construction materials inspection in stores
UK’s building sector to adopt new construction ways
Building materials showed increased values when compared to 2018
Company will terminate its Danish delivery processes
Turkey continues to be the least promising market
June proved to be the worst month so far in 2019
The chapter will foster sustainability initiatives
Country’s use of the byproduct of coal rose exponentially
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