Ready-mixed concrete profits climbed nearly USD 8 million year-on-year
Following the announced coal-fired power phase-out, new supplementary cementing materials will need to fill this…
Project seeks to turn cork stoppers into insulating materials
Construya Index has declined over the first eleven months of the year
The project awaits investment from the local government or companies
The product tackles the corrosion of concrete caused by steel reinforcement
Company already operates two concrete admixtures and mortar facilities in the country
Top stories from the previous week, from Cemex's Mexico positive outlook for 2020, to tourism…
The target of over EUR 3 billion in sales divested by the end of the…
E2E produces complete building solutions including panels, interior wooden frames and exterior slabs
New junction set to be completed by next year’s fall
Prices to fall in a quarter of the nation’s largest metropolitan areas
The country aims to curb its dependency on mining minerals imports
Company will be working with CarbonCapture to develop the new project
A new construction waste recycling regulation was approved
Aggregate production estimated to have recorded a double-digit decrease in October
Working capital for the quarter climbed to almost USD 5 million
Brick prices have declined around INR 1.5 thousand
In 2019, Western Europe remained the major white cement exporting region, followed by Eastern Europe…
The company supplies high quality mineral and aggregates for the Estonian road and construction industry
The new regulation will come into effect on December 3
Sellers have been trained to further boost deals for these products
In January-September, the company’s profits climbed over USD 10 million
The project paves the way for the first commercial application of Machine Learning to monitor…
The company is partnering with the International CCS Knowledge Center for this research
Sector’s growth has fallen since 2018
The new concrete plant is currently being overhauled by equipment and factory circuits
Over 800 thousand tons of wood are burned per year in brick-firing processes
In an exclusive interview with CemWeek, Rishit Dalal, Director of Projects and International Business at…
New material is weather-proof, resistant to fire and much stronger than conventional wood
The product is designed for the precast concrete market
Country seeks to close its waste loop and reduce the waste sent to the Semakau…
The facility is equipped with state-of-the-art technology to comply with EU's most demanding environmental regulations
However, input sales in January-October recorded a double-digit contraction
Around 50 billion tons of sand per year would be needed to supply the entire…
Between 2019 and 2024, global white cement demand is projected to increase modestly to over…
New product provides stronger insulation versus standard bricks
Company acknowledged for its exemplary use of environmental controls and systems
Legislation to bring together stakeholders in order to evaluate aggregates usage for transport and building…
However, utilization rates above 50% were recorded for the 4th straight year
Top stories from the previous week, from Paraguay temporarily inviting cement imports, to Xili Cement…
These results were achieved against the backdrop of a flat construction market in Great Britain
Roots from indigenous fauna have long been used to develop stable bridges
Company seeks to develop relationships with many different companies across the country
Groups seeks to offer workers high-quality materials at reduced prices
Contract set to be completed on December 1, 2019
New product is not only lighter, but also mechanically stronger
Leading global and multi-industry advisory, research and business intelligence boutique CW Group has successfully concluded…
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