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Mar 2020
U.S building contractors ask the government exemption from coronavirus closures

Several states have already deemed construction works as essential, allowing them to continue


Mar 2020
Breedon Aggregates blames hampered Scotland operations on low building investments

Company’s revenues surged on the year to December 31


Mar 2020
UK needs to increase capacity to meet infrastructure boom, economists say

Construction groups may not be able to reach the desired output increases


Feb 2020
Ireland's building industry asks for lower VAT for first-time purchasers

Politicians urged to take more risks when delivering houses to new buyers


Feb 2020
Malaysia's building industry to grow in 2020

Construction activity in the infrastructure and buildings sector to expand  ...


Feb 2020
MDU Resources acquires prestressed concrete business

The Washington-based business was previously owned by Oldcastle Infrastructure  ...


Feb 2020
Martin Marietta's total revenues grow in 2019

Fourth quarter cement shipments surged by double digits


Feb 2020
Indian university professor suggests whitetopping for fixing potholed roads

Asphalt pavements are easily damaged during monsoon and require yearly maintenance


Feb 2020
Hotel construction surges in Los Angeles

Lenders are showing caution when investing in these infrastructures  ...


Jan 2020
UK sets up Net Zero Taskforce

The taskforce seeks to provide guidance to the infrastructure sector  ...


Jan 2020
UKEF invests over GBP 600 million in infrastructure projects in Africa

Ghana, Zambia, Gabon and Uganda are set to benefit from the funding


Jan 2020
Cemex supplies concrete for dam construction in Mexico

Infrastructure can hold over 400 million cubic meters of water  ...


Jan 2020
India: Infrastructure projects to boost construction sector in 2020

However, land acquisition delays and funding issues could curb the industry's growth


Jan 2020
Lack of skilled workers pressures Philippine building industry

Final version of the Comprehensive Tax Reform Program soon to be approved by Congress still worries contractors

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