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Mar 2019
Vietnam wants to produce building materials from fly ash

Researchers are holding a conference to introduce the technology and methods  ...


Mar 2019
Vietnamese expert says that cement quality inferior compared to other regions

The Philippines imported many of its cement from Vietnam


Mar 2019
Fujifilm develops new concrete-repairing product

Nanotechnology allows for deeper penetration on concrete structures  ...


Feb 2019
New fly ash project inaugurated in India

The new pilot project will enable extraction of precious minerals from fly ash


Feb 2019
Penetron supplies waterproof concrete to project in Mexico City

The company worked together with an architecture firm during the process


Nov 2018
NTPC invites companies to build fly-ash based geopolymer concrete roads

The company is welcoming expressions of interest to demonstrate the use of technology  ...


Nov 2018
Lithuanian researchers create concrete without cement

Fly ash was used instead of cement in the mixture


Nov 2018
Lithuanian researchers develop new concrete using industrial waste

The developed product uses fly ash and other waste materials


Oct 2018
New 3D technology uses textiles as a base for concrete

A structure can be knitted with a regular industrial machine


Oct 2018
Italian company develops 3D printed house from natural materials

The company used rice-based materials to build the house


Oct 2018
Chinese builders use rockfill concrete technique

Rockfill concrete uses less cement


Oct 2018
BASF to develop new concrete additives production facility in Ukraine

The new plant is expected to begin production in 2019


Sep 2018
Researchers develop new building material from coconuts

The new material has already been tested on a commercial scale


Aug 2018
Leaders Q&A: Phil Hodgson

As environment-friendly technology has become an inescapable subject of discussion in the cement industry, CemWeek presents an exclusive interview with Phil Hodgson, Managing Director at Calix, about carbon ...


Aug 2018
New Zealand could adopt new construction materials

The wood-based material is already being used in Australia


Jul 2018
UK government’s construction deal finally announced

Technology and digital innovation are the bet for the industry  ...


Jun 2018
India hosts summer school on low clinker green cement

Workshop-cum-training program will be provided by IIT


May 2018
Australia: Researchers develop new method to prevent building collapse

The material that the team has researched is used in other applications

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