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Dec 2019
Brazil: Reformulation of government's housing program worries construction industry

Government plans to give vouchers to beneficiaries so they can choose how the house will be built


Dec 2019
Andhra Pradesh’s brick units pressured by sand shortage

Brick prices have declined around INR 1.5 thousand  ...


Dec 2019
LafargeHolcim expands brick production capacity in Africa

Over 800 thousand tons of wood are burned per year in brick-firing processes  ...


Nov 2019
Nigeria: Building materials high costs pressure housing market

Cement prices have increased over NGN 2.5 thousand  ...


Nov 2019
Housing construction in US reaches new high in 2019

Over 400 thousand building units were approved in the South in 1H2019  ...


Nov 2019
Netherlands’ house building permits decline in 3Q2019

This marks the third consecutive quarter of declines


Nov 2019
India: Punjab government to take action against brick-kilns not using zigzag technology

Facilities were directed to upgrade its operations until September 30, 2019


Nov 2019
Saudi Arabia: Aggregate cement sales grow in October

Twelve companies experienced higher sales volumes over this time period


Nov 2019
Spanish exports of building materials decline in January-August 2019

Cement consumption rose year-on-year


Nov 2019
South Korea’s building industry becoming more modern

The country had nearly 70 thousand startup groups in its construction sector in 2018  ...


Nov 2019
Portugal's building permits rise in January-August

Cement consumption soared over 16%


Oct 2019
Ireland: Low construction productivity hinders government housing targets

Thirty thousand new units would have to be built per year in order to meet demand  ...


Oct 2019
Ready-mix concrete boosts GKE’s net profits in 1Q2019

Company generated over USD 1 million in net operating cash flows


Oct 2019
Spanish construction sector growth softens in 9M 2019

Public works profits soared over 40% in 7M 2019


Oct 2019
Spain: Threat of economic crisis clouds residential construction growth

Three straight months of contraction disrupted a 28-month growth


Oct 2019
India: Construction works interrupted by sand shortage in Vijayawada

Local government has announced the supply of sand under the new policy


Sep 2019
India: Construction materials should be produced in West Bengal, says Finance Minister

The region showed a boost in the sale of residential units


Sep 2019
Building industry stagnates in Bolivar, Venezuela

Around USD 5 billion are needed to revive the state’s construction sector


Sep 2019
India’s highway construction growth rate to decline

Construction goals for 2019-20 are set at 11 thousand kilometers  ...


Sep 2019
Dubai: Pace of construction projects to slow down

Property prices continue to fall, and construction output threatens to surpass demand


Aug 2019
Mumbai’s real estate sector stalled

Thousands of houses remain unsold across the region  ...

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