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The industry is expecting growth for 2019

The ministry has been issuing licenses to allow companies to export their products

Low cement prices affected the company’s performance

The company’s cement volumes rose during the year

The government is pushing for new large infrastructure projects


20 May 2019

China: Cement prices to increase in fourth quarter

While the market remains uncertain, the company remains upbeat about their outlook

20 May 2019

China’s cement production expands in first quarter

Cement prices are still below the highs of December 2018

20 May 2019

China’s clinker-cement production ratio drops in 2018

Cement market expected to stabilize in second half of the year

20 May 2019

China: Cement prices fall in Hubei Province in 2M2019

Demand and supply in the region have remained mostly stable

20 May 2019

Uzbekistan’s government to subsidize cement transport

The government wants to promote the profitability of the industry

20 May 2019

Dykergoff Cement Ukraine’s achieves profit n 2018

The company will use the profit to pay off its debt

20 May 2019

Insee Cement to invest in capacity expansion

The company is currently owned by Siam City Cement Group

Senegal (February 2019)

Cement production in Senegal posted a 10.1% month-on-month decrease in February, reaching 452,000 tons. Compared to the same period last year, cement ...

Cement production (tons)
Med Basin cement and clinker trade prices edge up in January

Heavy production costs are reflecting on higher prices

15 Jan
Persian Gulf-Arabian Sea cement and clinker FOB prices slip in December

Exporters remain hopeful that 2019 will bring about a better shipping year in the region

14 Dec
Med Basin cement and clinker trade prices inch down in December

The end of the year comes with the usual price discounts in cementitious commodities

14 Dec
Persian Gulf-Arabian Sea cement and clinker FOB prices slide in November

Major players are targeting new markets to keep up with their production quotas

20 Nov
Cement and clinker FOB prices in Med. Basin decline in November

Some key markets are suffering from oversupply due to high competition

20 Nov
Cement prices in Egypt, May 16
Cement prices for several Egyptian brands
17 May
17 May
Cement prices in Egypt, May 17
Cement prices for several Egyptian brands
20 May
Top cement companies' 2018 financial performance
Growth during the year remained strong, and companies enter 2019 with confidence, despite the expect
19 May
Vietnam (March 2019)

Cement production continued to increase YoY in March in Vietnam. Cement production improved both mon...

Turkey (January 2019)

Total cement sales continued to decline YoY in January in Turkey. YTD, total cement sales in Turkey...

Morocco (April 2019)

Cement demand continued to increase YoY in April in Morocco. In April, cement demand in Morocco p...

India (March 2019)

Year-on-year, cement production kept expanding in March in India. During the month, cement productio...

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