Cement prices for several Egyptian brands
Both volume and values showed a pronounced incline
Imports have risen in the first quarter of the year despite the tax
The company will invest in both greenfield and brownfield expansions
Imports from Russia, Belarus and Moldavia will be subject to heavy tariffs
Cement prices for several Egyptian brands
Imports have expanded in 1Q despite the imposed tariffs
The company has received the most certifications awarded by WHC in Mexico
A rise in volumes and selling price helped to boost the company’s results
Analysts have been surprised with the company’s results for the first quarter
The company wants to use the net proceeds to repay its debt
The company wants to expand its scope of work in India, and wants its name…
Mild weather conditions and increased nuclear generation in France caused price drops
Full year net profit declined year-on-year
Exports and domestic sales have been trending upwards
The company has commissioned an impact report on one its largest UK facility
Outbound shipments rose both in terms of value and of volume
Demand in the local market is expected to weaken significantly
The company’s results beat expectations
Cement prices for several Egyptian brands
A temporary import duty on cement is in position due to the many fluctuations
The company’s net sales declined year-on-year
While the market remains uncertain, the company remains upbeat about their outlook
Cement prices are still below the highs of December 2018
Cement market expected to stabilize in second half of the year
Demand and supply in the region have remained mostly stable
The government wants to promote the profitability of the industry
The company will use the profit to pay off its debt
The company is currently owned by Siam City Cement Group
Cement prices in the country have surged over the past month
The company has released its sustainability report for the year
Cement and concrete sales expanded in the first quarter
Cement prices for several Egyptian brands
Prices to be corrected after rising outputs caused a rapid price escalation
Prices showed an improvement when compared to the equivalent period of 2018
Clinker stocks expanded year-on-year
The company has also expanded the date for accepting project proposals
The company is investing also in European markets
The company’s cement business boosted the company’s performance during the quarter
Europe is leading growth in cement volume
Higher input costs affected the company’s margins during the quarter
The new member will be replacing another in representation of a company
Cement prices for several Egyptian brands
Cement prices for several Egyptian brands
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