Cement prices for several Egyptian brands
Yemen has been ravaged by an ongoing civil war, with the participation of Saudi Arabia
Apex court allows sale of Binani Cement to UltraTech to proceed
Utilization rates improve as demand shows signs of strengthening
October was the best month for cement deliveries since the start of the year
Company will not carry out such schemes in the feature
Tajikistani producers promise cement at half the price
First stone ceremony held at Hengyuan Cement's project
Order is part of the apex court ruling on Katas Raj ponds case
Cement maker has set up an energy division in 2015
Cement consumption growth to cool down or even revert this year
Figures for January-September 2018
Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, and Eastern Caribbean recorded strong performances
Forecast made by Nomura Securities
Delays caused by contractor, the company says
Prediction by Kenanga Investment Bank ahead of the official results' release
Cement prices for several Egyptian brands
Board says debt restructure to free cash flow is being negotiated
Station will be deployed in El Salvador
Factory caters to rising demand from reconstruction projects
Peshawar High Court suspends hike announced by Sui Northern Gas Pipelines
Deadly landslide led to suspension of quarrying operations in Cebu
Kenyan cement maker struggles with lack of demand
Surge in net and operating profit in spite of lower revenue
The company is welcoming expressions of interest to demonstrate the use of technology
Cement dispatches grew despite the impact of hurricane Florence
Economic Coordination Committee gives green light to the hike
Cement prices for several Egyptian brands
State gov't helps the factory with tax discount
Soyuztscement discussed the 2018-19 period
Company to discuss the Helwan Cement situation
Cemex turned to losses while Holcim posted decrease in profit
Company still failed market forecast
Award is attributed by by Apex Press and Publishing
Operating expenses grew faster than turnover
Other listed companies are drowning in losses
Expressions of interest seen during the International Cement Conference
Factory replaces over half of its fossil fuel input for waste
Mario Bastian Gross to be replaced provisionally by Yeoh Khoon Cheng
Alternative fuel and raw materials are the cornerstone of the strategy
Globally, gray cement trade prices rose in the third quarter of 2018, according to the…
Cement prices for several Egyptian brands
Capture and purification technology opens new prospects for the cement sector
Cement can be used on low-rising structures
Figures for the first 10 monhts of 2018
Report on backwards and excessive in the Chinese city capacity
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