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Mar 2019
Hard coal prices rise in Europe, March 4

Carbon emissions and electricity prices rise too  ...


Feb 2019
Mexican scientists study cement photovoltaic applications

Team believes that it is possible to produce solar power with cementitious material


Jan 2019
Cyprus sets new goals for greenhouse emissions

Goals are still be low the European Union targets


Jan 2019
Uzbekistan produces less cement in 2018

Country was forced to import cement amid higher natural gas and electricity prices  ...


Jan 2019
Cemex UK to use renewable electricity exclusively in 2019

Company will be supplied by Engie


Jan 2019
CO2 emission allowance prices rise in Europe

Coal and electricity prices fall in the same market session  ...


Dec 2018
Sönmez Cement to produce electricity from waste heat

The company will build a power facility at its cement plant in Adana


Dec 2018
Henan province cement industry reaches new energy consumption standard

The Chinese province will also be increasing electricity prices for the industry  ...


Dec 2018
Emami Cement secures steady electricity supply

Company requested increase in voltage from the Odisha Power Transmission Corporation


Nov 2018
Bamburi Cement calls for lower energy prices

Company says lower electricity rates would result in cheaper cement, more affordable housing  ...


Oct 2018
Al-Rafidain cement plant (Iraq) recovers from war damage

Factory was stripped down by the Islamic State


Oct 2018
Sweden: Cementa studies reduction in electricity consumption

The company is en route to produce zero carbon dioxide by 2030


Oct 2018
Spot electricity prices continue to rise in India

Power plants, faced with coal scarcity, unable to keep with growing demand


Sep 2018
New electricity infrastructure to help BUA Cement

Transmission Company of Nigeria set new transmission substation in Okpella, Edo State


Sep 2018
Baştaş Başkent Cement to install waste-heat power generator

Company hopes to cut electricity costs with new investment  ...

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