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May 2020
Cement prices in Nepal increase since lockdown

Logistics costs likely behind the increase


May 2020
Indian real estate developers express concern over cement prices

Concerns over the materials’ supply were also raised


May 2020
Indian cement companies restart production

Demand has fallen across the market


May 2020
Star Cement expects demand to pick up only after September

The company has resumed partial operations at Guwahati facility


May 2020
India: Cement dispatches to decline in FY2021

Cement prices are not expected to be impacted greatly during this period


Apr 2020
PPC’s cement sales crash in April

Only a few of its operations were running during the month


Apr 2020
Cement demand in India expected to decrease in FY2021

The effects of the lockdown on the industry will weigh demand strongly down  ...


Apr 2020
Holcim Philippines suspends production in Davao

The company suspended the production in compliance with the lockdown on the city  ...


Apr 2020
South Africa’s biggest coal exporters declare force majeure

Companies have followed RBCT’s measured regarding the nationwide lockdown  ...


Mar 2020
India: Cement companies halt production but dismiss shortage issues

Construction activity is also expected to slow down as Covid-19 containment measures kick in

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