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Apr 2019
Wacker Group researching new ways to improve cement and concrete

The silicone company has opened a new competence center in China


Apr 2019
Hima Cement turned down at Rwandan border

The company was notified of the issue


Apr 2019
Saudi Arabia issues close to twenty cement export licenses

The ministry has been issuing licenses to allow companies to export their products  ...


Apr 2019
BlueLinx Holdings partners with James Hardie Fiber Cement Products

The company will be distributing the products from locations in the US Midwest  ...


Apr 2019
PPC Zimbabwe says cement supply is normalized

Shortage affected Zimbabwe at the end of the past year


Apr 2019
Indian gov't to cut GST on cement products

Cut will only happen after the general election, says Finance Minister


Apr 2019
Endesa sells 300,000 tons of fly ash to cement companies in 2018

The company has been selling byproducts of energy generation  ...


Mar 2019
Holcim Azerbaijan celebrates milestone

Factory celebrates 70th anniversary


Mar 2019
Rock Hard Cement secures favorable decision with CARICOM

Final decision on dispute with Arawak Cement to come from the Caribbean Court of Justice


Feb 2019
Leaders Q&A: Paul Rodzianko, President of Georgian Cement Association and CEO of Kavkaz Cement

In an exclusive interview with CemWeek Magazine, Paul Rodzianko addresses a major issue in the Georgian cement industry: poor-quality cement. In a comprehensive discussion, Rodzianko explains the background ...


Feb 2019
Indian region sees expansion in use of fly ash bricks

Use of fly ash products set to rise in the region  ...


Jan 2019
Quinn Cement extends agreements with National Buying Group

National Buying Group maintains exclusive for Master Grade Cement distribution

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