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The country considered the ruling “unfair and unwarranted”

The country will be phasing out coal and its forest cover is unlikely to cover for its full demand

Companies are struggling with wood supply pressure

Many of the products to be banned have paper-based alternatives

The company’s sales rose year-on-year


14 June 2019

India’s paper production reaches all-time low in FY2018-19

Consumption has also been declining

14 June 2019

Resolute Forest Products extends shutdown of Canadian sawmill

The company said that the worsening market conditions led to the decision

14 June 2019

Essity developing new non-wood pulp mill in Germany

Allnorth will be supplying the equipment for the new facility

14 June 2019

Columbia Pulp’s new mill to begin production shortly

The company has prepared a new logistics plan to get its product to market

14 June 2019

Asia Pulp and Paper launches new paper straw in Latin American market

The company wants to follow the changing demand of consumers

14 June 2019

Auburn University forms new partnership for pulp and paper industries wastewater treatment systems research

The researchers will conduct a twelve-month long study into the issue

14 June 2019

Canadian paper straw manufacturer welcomes ban of single-use plastics

The company launched at the beginning of the year and is poised for growth

Italian company collects awards thanks to innovative packaging by Stora Enso
The packaging stood out for being an innovative and sustainable solution for dry food
13 Jun
14 Jun
American Forest and Paper Association appoints new President and CEO
The new hire previously headed the Aluminum Association
13 Jun
New York state awards grant to two paper companies to reduce carbon emissions
International Paper was one of the companies receiving the grant
13 Jun
Domtar names new manager for Dryden Mill
The former mill manager will retire in August
13 Jun
Fire breaks out at timber plant in India
The plant had no fire equipment installed
13 Jun
Navigator’s turnover rises in first quarter
The company saw product prices improve year-on-year
13 Jun
German paper and board production slip in March

Output of paper and board decreased year on year

14 Jun
US mechanical wood pulp imports increase in January 2019

Import volumes of the raw material expanded year-on-year

14 Jun
France’s paper and carton output falls in April

Output of paper and carton products tumbled year-on-year and month-on-month

07 Jun
Production of paper in Brazil rises in April

Output of paper products expanded year-on-year but fell month-on-month

06 Jun
German chemical wood pulp CIF prices improve in February

Imports of the commodity fell year on year

04 Jun
28 May
  • Southeast Asia Pulp Industry Forecast Report

    The CW Research report provides an in-depth analysis of the Southeast Asian pulp market

  • Global Wood Pellets Market Report and Forecast

    The CW Research report provides an in-depth analysis of the global wood pellets market.

  • Acrylic resin market industry report and outlook

    Acrylic resins are synthetic polymers primarily derived from acrylic acids. Acrylic resins find applications in paints and coatings, industrial and commercial, paper and paperboard, textiles and adhesives, construction and others due to its property of being solvent in water and oil as well. The scope of the report consists of studying the overall market trend and the challenges faced by the market. The report will segment the global market of acrylic resin on the basis of product type, solvency, property, applications and by geography in terms of revenues, and in volumes.

    The report breaks down the Acrylic Resin Market:

    • By type, by solvency, and by property
    • Application: paints and coatings, industrial and commercial, paper and paperboard, textiles and adhesives, construction and others,
    • Geography: Asia Pacific, North America, Europe and ROW


    Table of contents:

    1. Industry overview
    2. Market dynamics
      1. Value chain analysis
      2. Market drivers, restrains and opportunities
      3. Industry challenges
    3. Research Methodology
      1. Market Size
      2. Key data points from primary sources
      3. Key data points from secondary sources
    4. Uses of acrylic Resin and its Types – An overview
    5. Executive Summary
    6. Global Demand of Phenolic Resin
      1. By Type
        1. Methacrylates
        2. Acrylates
        3. Hybrids
      2. By Solvency
        1. Water Solvent
        2. Oil Solvent
      3. By Property
        1. Thermoplastic
        2. Thermosetting
      4. By Application
        1. Wood Adhesives
        2. Molding
        3. Laminates
        4. Insulation
        5. Others
      5. By Region
        1. Asia-Pacific
        2. Europe
        3. North America
        4. Rest of World
    7. Manufacturing process of Rubber (Natural & Synthetic)
    8. Competitive Landscape
      1. Introduction
      2. Acrylic Resin Market Major Developments
    9. Company Profile
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