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Prices in May have declined from January

The waste could be turned to fertilizers

The company’s net debt surged in this period

The company hopes to consolidate its business in the Iberian packaging sector

The effective date of the appointment is yet to be announced


03 July 2020

Manufacturing Spotlight - The Laidig X-Traktor Model 1533

The new, fully automated Laidig X-Traktor model is designed to excel with hard-to-handle materials

03 July 2020

Toscotec shaft pullers achieve top results at Lucart and Marutomi

The automatic shaft pullers show great results in Italy and Japan and continue operating efficiently

03 July 2020

AF&PA Celebrates New Chapter for North American Trade Under USMCA Agreement

The new agreement, in place starting July 1, 2020, should improve North American trade

03 July 2020

Valmet’s Half Year Financial Review

The Review for January – June 2020 will be published on July 23.

03 July 2020

Northern Pulp lines loan to keep lights on

In order to keep the company operating, Northern Pulp’s owners have taken a loan for $ 50 million

03 July 2020

Suzano claims cellulose prices will have to rise

The company said it is a matter of time before prices return to previous values

01 July 2020

Papier Union and Papyrus Deutschland merge into new company

The new company is a subsidiary of the Inapa Group

New recycled pulp mill to be established in Northeast US
The mill will export its production to China
 1 Jul
Italian vineyard switches to paper wine bottle
The packaging can be separated in the paper re-pulping process
 1 Jul
India: Local government wants revival of paper mills in Assam
A revival plan for the mill is reportedly in works but continues to be stalled
30 Jun
Papier Union and Papyrus Deutschland merge into new company
The new company is a subsidiary of the Inapa Group
 1 Jul
US forest industry performance continues to drop in May
Sub-indexes for pulp, paper and other products declined
 1 Jul
30 Jun
Mondi upgrades Hungarian paper bags facility
The company was able to redesign the plant’s layout and set-up in four months
30 Jun
Japan’s pulp production in February

Production contracted during the first two months of the year

12 Jun
China’s paper and paperboard output increases in April

Paper and paperboard production increased both monthly and yearly.

10 Jun
Brazil’s paper production increases in February

Consumption declined monthly in February

09 Jun
US chemical wood pulp imports decline in November

Average import prices decreased both monthly and yearly

05 Jun
Russia’s pulp exports grow in December

Export values fell sharply yearly but improved monthly

05 Jun
France’s paper production drops in February

Year-to-date production decreased slightly

02 Jun
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