The mill produces containerboard, specialty kraft paper, market pulp and uncoated fine paper
The transaction is already completed
The equipment will be commissioned in 2021
The company’s volume and value have increased year-on-year
The company has acquired other equipment from A.Celli as well
Paper segment revenue increased year-on-year
The operating rate remained mostly unchanged year-on-year
The company expects fewer disruptions in production during the year
The price of wood has dramatically halved from the previous year
The new prices will be effective from December
The company’s net profit expanded year-on-year
Producers claim the misinformation prevents efforts to focus on combating the true causes
Inventory levels have reached the lowest levels in almost seven years
The industry’s output remained mostly unchanged year-to-date
November 19, 2018

SCA issues new bonds

The new issued bonds were divided into two tranches
The transaction should close in the first quarter of 2019
The company continues to invest in facilities across the state
The new line should start up in September 2019
The company’s net debt rose year-on-year
The government wants the industry to be more involved in the sector
Imports of chemical wood pulp to Italy recorded a month-on-month increase in July 2018.
Exports of chemical wood pulp from Indonesia recorded a month-on-month improvement in July 2018.
According to CW Research, pulp production in Japan decreased 5.1% month-on-month in July, reaching 644,598…
The line will be commissioned in November-December 2018
The Commission investigated some of the companies’ businesses and imposed new conditions
The company achieved a new production record during the quarter
The company’s order backlog is leading to uncertainties in the 2018 outlook
The company wants to combat a wood deficit in Alto Uruguai, Brazil
The company is facing a shortage of timber in the region
The subsidiary concerns renewable energy
The company aims to expand its supply system in the UK
The new line should be operational in the fourth quarter of 2019
Stora Enso is aiming to acquire a higher stake in the company
The company has been affected by headwinds in the price of raw materials
A double-digit increase was recorded year on year
The company’s Adjusted EBITDA rose 60%
The company is expecting a lower EBITDA in the fourth quarter
Shipments to other countries increased both year-on-year and month-on-month
The investment will improve the structure of the company's wood imports
The sector makes a significant contribution for the country’s economy
The government is organizing several projects in the sector
The equipment was commissioned in time for the company’s 100th anniversary
More than half of the paper made in the country is of certified origin
The production of paper and pulp rose during the quarter
BO Packaging will be increasing production at its Ponta Grossa facility
The plant will begin production by December of this year
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