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Local companies have had issues acquiring grains due to external pressure

The company will be investing USD 200 million in the facility

The companies will be cooperating in several segments regarding iron ore supply

Net profits expanded year-on-year as well

Stakeholders in the industry warn that increased tariffs could reduce ability to improve supply chain


23 August 2019

South Africa mulls tariffs on cement imports

Similar measures were taken a few years ago over Pakistani imports

22 August 2019

Coal exports at Rosterminalugol Port reach 15 million tons

The company is implementing a long-term program to enhance environmental safety

22 August 2019

French alliance Grains Overseas shifts to Algeria as Russia intensifies wheat exports

Black Sea traders' edge on price and quality likely to pose an obstacle

22 August 2019

Canadian Pacific moves record amount of Canadian grain

Shipments have consistently increased over the past five years

22 August 2019

Izmail port cargo turnover records double-digit decline in January-July

Bulk cargo handling dipped almost 20%

22 August 2019

Fertilizers represent business opportunity for Itaqui port, Brazil

The port already started works for the country's most modern fertilizer terminal

22 August 2019

Chongqing Port converts break-bulk terminal into grain terminal

The port plans to accommodate growing market demand

Port of Gdansk signs agreement to build new central port
The port will be built on a public-private partnership model
20 Aug
Australia fears end of export boom over US-China trade conflict
BHP head says overall outlook remains muddled due to these factors
20 Aug
Nanye Group increases stake in CSC Phoenix
The group is now the second largest shareholder in the company
20 Aug
US corn harvest expected to increase
The increase in yields offset the decline in harvested acres
20 Aug
Semen Indonesia’s cement sales rise in July
Sales expanded month-on-month but fell year-on-year
21 Aug
Solusi Bangun Indonesia’s sales fall in July
The company recorded no export sales during the month
21 Aug
20 Aug
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