The government is reducing stimulus in the housing sector
Vessels will no longer require to be prepared for ice navigation
Despite the increase, volumes still pale in comparison to previous year
The market remains volatile, with uncertainties surrounding trade
Farmers are expecting a bumper soybean crop
The contract will be valid until the end of the year
The country had a record harvest and export volume in the previous year
The country will not be paying immediately for supplies
Data for the week ended March 22
Several factors affected the market during the year
The Saudi Arabian company will continue to export cement
The company will be exporting cement to Kuwait
The country’s export volume rose yearly during February
Farmers in Argentina have also voiced their concerns
One-off events and swaying freight rates throwing off predictions
Freight Investor Services helped to launch the new route
The company has secured a new loan facility
Vessels sailing to the port no longer have to be equipped for ice navigation
The government is ready to work with exporters rather than enforcing new association
The market players remain optimistic despite headwinds
China and India together account for more than half of Indonesia's coal exports
Russian company deploys new CAT D9R bulldozer
The company is optimistic for the market going forward
The country has been having issues acquiring grain via tenders
Data for the week ended March 7
Vale’s supply disruptions continue to affect the market
Trade tension between the US and China are affecting the market
Between January and February, country has already imported a third of 2018's total figure
Imports from Australia more than tripled from 2017
The country has launched new tenders for grain acquisition
The government has attributed funding to several international ports
Handling of bulk cargo fell yearly and monthly
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