The companies are focusing on foreign markets as the domestic sector is going through headwinds
Thai rice exporters finding Chinese rice prices hard to beat
China turned to Australia for iron ore as Brazil still faces repercussions from the damn…
Transshipment of export cargo recorded a double-digit increase
Country fails to meet production target due to heavy rains and hailstorms
Project cargo increases point to company’s speed and efficiency
The joint dry bulk venture is willing to take in more partners
Stocks have risen back up despite past-week low
Unattractive export values stagnate sales
The country’s main supplier of thermal coal to continues to be Russia
Additional coal cargo will be arriving from the New Mangalore Port
The country has imposed severe customs duty on its neighbor
Demand for iron ore is being channeled to low-grade products
The fleet is readying future cargo deliveries to points of the Vilyui River
Elevator expanding farmers reach and creates new contracts with Ceres
Australian assets seem to be the most sure-fire target for CIL
Weather conditions in Mexico are proving challenging for production
The handling of coal at the port will also stop
The prices had their weakest performance in nearly two months
Year-to-date shipments touched a five-year high
Some companies were forced to switch to alternative fuels
Weak European demand causes coal prices to drop
US-China trade war rendered ore demand even more erratic
US threats of new tariffs forcing Mexican importers to look for other alternatives
Updated port activity regarding the two biggest Pakistani ports
Forecasts predict this to be the second highest level in history
Decrease in transshipment of bulk cargo was also observed at the port
Overall results appear to be positive in the first five months of 2019
New technology promises waterless, self-contained mobile odor control
The Vietnamese authorities have responded to the imposed safeguard tax
The US coal market has been volatile and could affect dry bulk shipping
The volume of cargo transported remained mostly unchanged year-on-year
The imposed sanctions on Iran, its main trading partner, have affected the shipping industry
Company plans on buying foreign assets to meet domestic fuel demands
Second phase should double the terminal’s capacity
Global stocks of several grains are depressed, while prices have expanded
The port has received the final license required to proceed with construction
Total cargo transported by rail expanded year-on-year in the January-March quarter
The port expects cargo volumes to decline in FY19-20
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