Shipment of construction materials grew year-on-year
Prices were competitive when compared with South America’s
Import prices also fell from the previous month and year-on-year
The companies have been bidding for the areas since September
The time charter concerns the vessel named Medusa
Imports have surged yearly over the same period
Shipments from Port Hedland to China declined mildly from the previous month
Handling of petroleum coke surged in October from the equivalent year-ago period
Volume of dry cargo shipments remained mostly unchanged year-on-year
The investors have committed to developing railway and deepwater port infrastructure as part of the…
The company will switch its focus to Panamax and post-Panamax
The suspension of customs declarations could be implemented in the country until the end of…
Handling of dry bulk cargo expanded year-on-year
The company continues to grapple with the effects of the Brumadinho dam collapse
The company has invested on upgrading its Port Lincoln site
The companies are upbeat about their results for the fourth quarter
The company only has one vessel remaining
The vessel was towed to safer waters after issuing the request
China’s steel producers have sufficient assets until January 2020
Company’s coal sales fell below USD 200 thousand million
Coal India has fallen behind on its output goals for the current fiscal
While the country has achieved self-reliance on cement production, the benefits are yet to be…
Coal transshipment volumes fell year-on-year
Transshipment of dry bulk cargo fell year-on-year
The port is expected to resume trade with Uganda and Tanzania
Brazilian farmers do not want a soy moratorium on the country’s savannah area
The new office will have a dedicated grain desk
The new terminal is expected to open in 2024
Exports increased marginally in January-August
The country said that Russian restrictions discredit the EAEU’s treaty on free movement of goods
The company is a controlling shareholder of Ningbo Marine
The new operator will be headquartered in Hellerup
The port is still trying to attract customers
Imports nearly reached 280 million tons over the first ten months of the year
New technology will increase productivity and lower vessel turnaround times
Handling of dry bulk cargo rose year-on-year
Transshipment of bulk cargo rose year-on-year
Costs with imports have increased in the first ten months of the year
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