The Index has reached 1,350 points
Seacon purchased the Pacific Oak from Miyazaki Sangyo Kaiun
The Agreement has come into force in the beginning of August
Shipments are likely to change in the coming months
Over the past ten days, steel firms increased prices by INR 2,000/ton
Cement companies have resorted to stopping their production lines
The Index has fallen to 1,264 points
Soybean futures keep rising as Chinese demand keeps growing
The wheat will come from Russia and Ukraine
After recovery from the fall armyworm, production will increase
Between July 29 and 30, Karachi Port and Port Qasim handled 127,357 and 119,873 tons…
Maximum draft in the Canal is now 48 ft (14.63 meters)
The Index has registered a 53-point increase
More and more large bulk carriers arrive at the Iranian port carrying essential goods
Soybean shipments from Brazil are expected to reach 8.4 million tons
The new ports will allow the country to increase the imports of mineral resources
Onex Group aims to invest in the Shipyard to create a hub for LNG transportation
Growing demand from China has increased the shipments in the past year
Asian demand for coal strengthens as developed countries transition to cleaner energy
Alongside five international partners, MPA aims to facilitate data exchange
Over the next 10 years, grain plantations are expected to reach 76.4 million hectares
Between July 27 and 28, Karachi Port and Port Qasim handled 138,464 and 156,310 tons…
This is the first Australian commodity to reach such figures in annual exports
The project aims to take advantage of the Yanbu Commercial Port
The shift to Australia came amid supply shortage from Mongolia
The Index has fallen for the 6th session in a row
The agreement is expected to increase Brazil’s agribusiness exports by USD 7.8 billion
Uruguay has launched a cargo ship to travel through the west coast
By the end of the June, the Port reached a cargo turnover of 9 million…
The review will help the economic recovery and growth
The drop in exports can be attributed to several different factors
The Index has reached 1,317 points
In June, China’s import from Brazil reached new records
The Japanese company has ordered an ultramax from NACKS
Imports have amounted to 792,682 tons
Brazil has bought two lots, with a total of 70 thousand tons of wheat, from…
This marks an important achievement for the country’s coal exports
The region’s cement exports in June showed signs of recovery for the industry
Despite the weaker crop, the country expects to harvest around 6 million tons of wheat
For the sixth year in a row, soybeans are Brazil’s main export product
Total cargo turnover reached 218.9 million tons
Iron ore was imported, mainly, from Australia and Brazil
Analyst point to Brazilian corn prices being dependent on the US dollar
The newly opened terminal has an investment of about BRL 200 million
The country is the world’s sixth biggest exporter of cement chain products
The Index has reached its lowest value in a month
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